Caer En Tentación #37

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Three-ish Years Ago
  • Carolina starts training her new assistant. The assistant thinks “the owner of the pasta factory” is dishy and flirty. Except that she doesn’t realize that’s Andres and not Damian. Carolina assumes she was talking about Damian and sends him an angry test.
  • Mia balks at the idea of a family therapy session and refuses to go back to therapy at all. She blames Damian for her being in therapy, because he’s cheating on her mom.
  • Nacho and Agustín listen in on Cristian’s attempt to make up with Gabriela. Santi walks in and Cristian forbids him from sleeping with Gabriela. (As if.)
  • Juan sees Andres following Lola out of work and harassing her and gets violent with Lola.
  • Damian feels like he’s screwing up left and right and tells Raquel he wants a separation.
  • The doctors make it into the room and work on reviving Damian. They have to run some tests to figure out the extent of the damage.
  • Nico runs into Rueda at the police department. Rueda asks if Alina’s already using him. He warns him to be careful.
  • Rueda stops by Andres’ office to tell him Miriam tried to kill Damian. All Andres cares about is that this could mean he ends up in charge of the company. Rueda warns him that his firm represents the company and he knows Andres hasn’t paid back what he stole. Andres offers to pay back half to the company and half to Rueda.
  • Raquel texts Santiago and tells him to stay away because Mia’s accusing them of having an affair.
  • Rafa comes over to ask Cintia why she was talking to Godoy. She insists it was because Fernando’s working on Carolina/Damian’s case.
  • Laura tells Fernando that Miguel and Andres had encounters with Patricia and Lola.
  • Miriam defends her actions to Mia, insisting she did it for Damian, because the doctor said he wouldn’t recover.
  • Andres advises Raquel to take advantage of the situation and treat Miriam the way she’s always treated Raquel.
  • Bebo noticed Juan’s attitude at the supply yard and offers to kick Juan out when he shows up at the house later. Lola tries to break things off with Juan, but he threatens to kill himself if she does.
  • Damian needs an operation to remove a blood clot in his brain.
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