Caer En Tentación #38

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Character Notes
  • Ariana – Carolina’s new assistant
Three-ish Years Ago
  • The kids listen in on Damian and Raquel’s talk of separation. Raquel can’t talk him out of leaving. Mia thinks it’s all Raquel’s fault. Everyone else encourages them to work it out.
  • Cristian advises Damian to make a decision. Damian chooses Carolina.
  • Mia decides she and Fede need to find out who their dad is cheating with.
  • Gabriela bullies Nacho into telling her what Cristian said to Santiago the other day (that he’d better not get involved with Gabriela). She insists on doing something about it.
  • Carolina comes over to the hotel, but confronts him about flirting with Ariana (which was Andres, not him) and Gabriela. Mia sneaks a look at the hotel address on Azucena’s desk and is down at reception asking for his room number while Damian is trying to convince Caro he wants to be with her.
  • Rueda breaks it to Miriam that the doctor reported her to the police. Her options are to claim she was “unbalanced” and have outpatient treatment, plus give up leadership of the company or she can face charges for attempted murder.
  • Alina advises Santiago to stay away from Raquel–it looks bad for the two of them to be together. She invites him to dinner so they can talk about his “defense.” He accepts, but he has a hard time coming up with realistic suspects. He does remember that Damian told him Andres was stealing from the company.
  • The surgery to remove the blood clot was successful, but there’s no way to know how he’ll recover until he wakes up.
  • Rafa gives Cintia a ride to her “new” apartment. Godoy comes over later and Cintia tells him that Rafa wants to know if he’s investigating him. She says she lied to Raquel about sleeping with Damian.
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