Caer En Tentación #39

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Three-ish Years Ago
  • When Mia gets up to the right floor, she sees Gabriela knocking on his door. Carolina is likewise upset about Gabriela showing up. Mia rushes back to school to tell Nico and Fede that Lola was right–she went to the hotel and “saw” her dad with Gabriela.
  • Carolina threatens to never see Damian again if he separates from Raquel.
  • Cristian keeps Caro from walking out of the hotel and running into Gabriela.
  • Fede and Mia argue about what to do. Mia wants to get “revenge” on Gabriela. She now assumes the phone call from Caro was because Caro knew what was happening. Nico and Fede look at Caro like they agree with Mia. Caro calls to warn Damian that Mia thinks he’s sleeping with Gabriela.
  • Raquel leaves Santiago’s when she realizes Alina is there. Nico isn’t happy to see her there either. Alina hits on Santi.
  • Fernando is tempted to stay at his apartment with Cintia, but Laura calls him.
  • Andres explains to Raquel that Miriam won’t working at the company for a while. He’s restoring Raquel’s accounts and credit cards as long as she forgives him. And he wants her to come to work and help him save the company.
  • Benjamin says “Lola” and it’s the cutest thing ever.
  • Lola explains to Santiago that Nico was upset because he thought the lawyer is flirting with him (Nico). Lola taunts him about Alina and Nico tells her he slept with Alina.
  • Antonio matched the DNA on the shovel to Nacho. He just needs a judge’s order to do the test legally.
  • Rueda hands over the information he wants the doctor to add to Miriam’s chart. He breaks it to Miriam that she can only see Damian through the glass.
  • Laura’s been sniffing around Benja’s daycare. Santiago goes to complain to Antonio
  • Lola meets with Bebo and he points out that Juan followed her. Juan nearly runs Bebo over.
  • Rafa believes that Cintia doesn’t know anything about Godoy investigating him, but he wants her to find out.
  • Raquel gets settled in at the office and asks Azucena if she knew about Damian. She gets a small nod in reply.
  • Nacho gets arrested for assaulting Damian and killing Carolina. Santiago comes to Alina’s office asking for the truth–did he kill Carolina?
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