Caer En Tentación #40

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Character Notes
  • Sammy – Alina’s ex, the old Nico
Three-ish Years Ago
  • Carolina and Cristian agree that Damian needs to call his kids and go back to Raquel. Miriam’s the only one happy that Damian moved out.
  • Andres refuses to tell Raquel what he knows about Damian’s affair. Miriam tells him to keep his mouth shut and let her find out on her own. As much as Miriam hates Raquel, she likes the idea of Raquel and Andres together.
  • Damian tries to convince Mia he’s not cheating on Raquel. She’s sure he is and if he leaves, she wants to go with him. She thinks her mother is always butting into her life and trying to control her.
  • Santiago complains to Carolina about how Andres is treating Lola at work. He’s confused by her insistence that Damian will take care of it once he’s back at work.
  • Fede and Nico go over to Gabriela’s to confront her.
  • Santiago complains to Nacho about losing control of his family. He thinks Carolina doesn’t love him anymore.
  • Bebo’s ok and he recognized Juan behind the wheel.
  • Alina doesn’t know any more about Nacho than Santiago does, but when she met him, her impression was that he was a man desperate to save his son. Despite his doubts, Santiago is sure Nacho didn’t kill Carolina.
  • Azucena tells Raquel the company is in the red. They’re missing money and she had evidence of it, but the police took it and they seem to be ignoring it as a possible motive. Andres blamed Damian for stealing the money, but half of it has mysteriously been returned. Raquel is upset that Andres put Fede to work in the factory.
  • Fede gets into a fight with his coworkers when they make snide remarks about Raquel.
  • Nacho was in town and he knew about the affair, but he has no idea why there was a shovel with his DNA on it at the scene of the crime. When Alina arrives, Nacho admits the shovel was one he used on his last job. Alina disputes that there’s any reason to believe that whoever killed Carolina is the same person who attacked Damian. Antonio has 96 hours to accumulate enough evidence or release Nacho.
  • Sammy, Alina’s ex, has taken to following her around since she’s not taking his calls and blocking his text messages.
  • Laura reports Nacho’s arrest and speculates on whether he could have attacked Damian and killed Carolina on Santiago’s orders.
  • Fernando finds Cintia in his apartment, agitated. He insists on her helping him get to Rafael as some sort of therapeutic exercise.
  • Santiago tells Raquel why Nacho was arrested, but he doesn’t know if he did it or not.
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