Caer En Tentación #41

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Three-ish Years Ago
  • Damian goes back to Raquel. They have make-up sex, but Raquel doesn’t want him to come back out of pity. She tells him to think about it. Damian warns her that Mia saw Gabriela at his hotel and got the wrong idea.
  • Juan’s mother walks in on Juan screaming at Lola and dares him to hit her (mother) before escorting Lola out of the apartment. Juan’s mother drives Lola home and promises Juan won’t touch her again, but she begs her not to press charges. Lola agrees, as long as she keeps Juan from ever coming near her again.
  • Nacho brings Drunk!Santiago home and tells Caro Santiago thinks she doesn’t love him and he’d be lost without her.
  • Mia is upset that her parents are making up. She complains about it to Fede and complains that no one cares about the family and no one cares what she’s going through. Fede asks her directly what she’s going through.
  • Juan tries emotional blackmail, but Lola insists she’s done with him.
  • Fernando rejects Cintia’s advances.
  • Laura’s boss pressures her to get “fresh meat” for the viewers and go outside the police investigation. She invites Rafa over, but he says he’s been taken off the case and he doesn’t know why. If she finds out, he’ll try to get her some information.
  • Alina informs Nico the only thing going on between them is sex.
  • Lola doesn’t feel comfortable supporting Santiago and Raquel’s relationship. It seems too much like what Carolina and Damian were doing. Nico doesn’t like the idea either. He thinks it makes them look guilty.
  • Rafa offers to help Bebo.
  • Mia thinks Raquel has been sleeping with Santiago since as far back as when Damian and Carolina were together. Nico doesn’t believe her, but he doesn’t like her being with Santiago now.
  • Rueda has it in for Alina because he thinks she ruined his son’s life.
  • Santiago and Raquel cancel their dinner date on account of the guilt trips from all four kids.
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