Caer En Tentación #42

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Three-ish Years Ago
  • Fede and Mia are surprised that Damian didn’t move back in. Raquel says he’ll be back after they figure things out. She’s decided she needs to stop being overprotective. Even THAT doesn’t make Mia happy.
  • Caro promises Santi she’s going to go back to being the person she was before.
  • Damian goes back to the office. Andres wants credit for not telling Raquel who he cheated with.
  • Gabriela confronts Raquel about Fede coming over to her house and accusing her of being Damian’s lover. She says she was only at the hotel to see Cristian, but Raquel doesn’t believe her. Gabriela gloats that everything Raquel is going through, she deserves.
  • Raquel goes over to Carolina’s and she explains that all she told the kids was that she saw Gabriela with Damian ONCE. But she’s sure Gabriela’s after Damian and Damian isn’t interested in Gabriela.
  • Carolina complains to the principal about Juan and warns her she’s going to press charges.
  • Damian tries to explain what’s going on to Fede and Mia, but Mia insists he and Raquel need to work out their problems WITH her and Fede. As much as she doesn’t like being treated like she’s “crazy” she refuses to believe that Fede’s got problems too.
  • Rueda’s son is Sammy, aka “the old Nico.”
  • Fede goes out with his coworker Danny, but he was expecting others to be there.
  • Laura and Fernando get into yet another fight about her asking him for information. She searches his phone and sees a lot of messages from Cintia. She sees him talking to Cintia at the police station later.
  • Mia wants to spend the day with Raquel so she won’t see Santiago. Raquel says she wanted Mia and Fede’s opinions, but that doesn’t mean she’s going to let them control her.
  • Bebo’s sure he called Nacho to talk the night Carolina died.
  • Rueda updates Miriam about Raquel working at the company. She noticed Andres gave back half the money he stole and insinuates that Rueda kept the other half in exchange for helping Andres gain control of the company.
  • Fede’s upset to see Mia in the factory. He begs her not to tell anyone who he is.
  • Rafa offers Bebo 30% to move some “merchandise” for him…two watches and a set of cufflinks.
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