Caer En Tentación #43

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Three-ish Years Ago
  • Juan’s mom comes over to beg Carolina not to press charges. He’s been suspended from work and she’s going to pay for treatment for him. Carolina doesn’t tell Santiago what happened, but she assures him Juan won’t see Lola again.
  • Damian breaks it to Miriam that he and Raquel are working things out.
  • Caro is glad Damian’s going back to Raquel, but she’s not willing to discuss carrying on their affair.
  • Damian and Santiago are both talking about “starting over,” but both couples end up at the catering office together. Raquel tells them Ariana’s dating Andres–she thought he was the owner of the company. Raquel has Santiago drop her off at the foundation, which leaves Damian alone with Caro.
  • Nico tells Fede to hurry things up with Sabrina, people are starting to talk. Mia angrily confronts Fede, asking if he’s gay.
  • On the drive to the foundation, Raquel and Santiago agree it must be true that in every relationship there’s one who loves more–they think they’re the ones.
  • Caro apologizes to Damian for getting things wrong and thinking Ariana was talking about him. Annnnd they’re back together.
  • The kids all argue about the Raquel-Santiago relationship. Lola doesn’t think they have the right to interfere in their lives. The boys don’t want to fight. Mia insists she “and Fede” are going to keep Raquel and Santiago apart.
  • Raquel and Santi don’t want to hurt the kids, but the get some goodbye snogging in.
  • Mia blames Raquel for the accident because if she had found out sooner….
  • Fede tells Mia he’s not going to interfere. He wants to live his own life and not be worried about everyone else’s.
  • Santi and Raquel both go home and tell the kids they’re not seeing each other anymore.
  • Laura confronts Fernando about the text messages from Cintia on his phone. Fernando retaliates by taking her cell phone. He sees the sext from Juan.
  • Rueda tells Andres they have to make a better case against Nacho or he’ll be released and suspicion will fall on Andres again.
  • Santiago makes a big deal about Lola being Benja’s sister, not his mom, and needing to enjoy her life.
  • Raquel talks to the doctor at the foundation about Mia’s recent obsession with her. Raquel thinks she needs therapy because she’s in love with Santiago. Doc doesn’t think love has any logic and he’s sure the kids are objecting because they’re only thinking about themselves. He thinks she’s suffered enough and needs to think about herself now.
  • Cintia tries to get Rafa on camera saying something incriminating. She asks about buying back the watches and cufflinks, but he says it’s too late and she’ll be hearing about them soon.
  • Nico is retrieving a file from Alina’s office when Sammy confronts him.
  • Raquel wants to try contacting the franchise owners in the US who dropped them and see if she can get them back.
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