Caer En Tentación #44

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Three-ish Years Ago
  • Sabrina wants to have sex, but Fede doesn’t. He tells Raquel later he’s not interested in girls.
  • Caro uses Lisa as an excuse to sneak off to a hotel with Damian. She starts having pains and bleeding.
  • Bebo gets arrested for selling stolen merchandise. Rafa tells Rueda this should help with Nacho–it looks like “the whole family” are thieves. Antonio tells Alina that Bebo stole the watches and cufflinks from the Becker house. Even if Bebo doesn’t know them or know where the house is, Nacho does.
  • Santiago calls Raquel to tell her he’ll meet her at a hotel later. She asks Jovita for advice and Jovita tells her to be happy.
  • Laura admits she was thinking of sleeping with Juan for “revenge” but didn’t because she “loves” Fernando. Fernando moves out.
  • Raquel has sex with Santiago, but she’s still worried about the kids not approving of them.
  • Fernando takes his suitcase over to Cintia’s. He gets the call about Bebo and tells her they found her brother-in-law’s stolen watches and cufflinks.
  • Mia tries to prove Raquel was with Santiago by calling Lola, but Lola lies and says he’s in bed, asleep.
  • Laura calls Rafa to tell him she thinks Fernando went back to his bachelor apartment to stay with Cintia. She goes over to confront Cintia, but Cintia denies that he lives there. Laura correctly guesses that Cintia is informing on Rafa and threatens to tell him. She tells Cintia to leave and go somewhere no one will find her.
  • Raquel identifies the watches and cufflinks as Damian’s, but she doesn’t see how Bebo could have taken them when he’s never been at her house. Antonio seems like he’s pushing her to either give them another suspect or they’re sticking this on Bebo.
  • Alina tells Santiago and Lola that even if they believe in Bebo, that’s not enough–they need proof he didn’t do it. She explains that they’re going to use this against Nacho. She believes Beto and thinks Rueda’s capable of buying off a cop to give him stolen merchandise, but Bebo doesn’t know the cop’s name.
  • Laura…news report on Bebo…where did they get that picture?! Rafa fed her the information. Laura tells him Fernando’s investigating him and Cintia’s helping him. (What a jerk.)
  • Santiago seriously visits Nacho and asks him if he killed Carolina.
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