Caer En Tentación #45

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Three-ish Years Ago
  • Mia is angry that Fede won’t do anything about people talking about him. She doesn’t understand how he can have doubts.
  • Carolina ends up in the hospital. She loses one baby, but she was carrying twins.
  • Damian wants to head out to the hospital, but Mia makes a fuss over how SHE needs to talk to her dad NOW about Fede. She doesn’t care what happened to Carolina and she’s angry that Damian is always putting “that family” first. Damian loses his temper and says she’s always blaming everyone else for her problems because she doesn’t ever look at her own life.
  • Her family can’t figure out why she’s blaming herself. Santiago tries calling Lisa to find out what happened. Lisa agrees with the story Carolina told him, that she did come to town…but she didn’t see Carolina because she ran into a friend who gave her a ride back home. Lola goes in to see Carolina and see if she gets the same story from her. It’s close enough, but Lola tells Nico she thinks Carolina was lying.
  • A delirious Carolina first thinks Santiago is Damian and tells him to get out, then tells Santiago she cheated on him.
  • Miriam genuinely believes Santiago is the mastermind behind everything.
  • Cintia admits to Raquel that she’s the one who stole the jewelry. She knows she always hurts the people who help her, but she feels compelled to get revenge on Raquel. She tells Raquel she lied about sleeping with Damian–he rejected her. She tries to explain why she can’t go to the police, but Raquel isn’t in the mood to listen.
  • Nacho insists he didn’t kill Carolina and Bebo didn’t steal the jewelry. He’s sure it’s all a trick.
  • Alina had Nico pull the phone records and there was a call from the prison to Nacho’s house. Antonio and Fernando both say that’s not good enough proof.
  • Raquel tells Santiago she has no idea how Bebo ended up with the jewelry when Cintia told her she took it. She assures him Cintia is going to the police.
  • Mia and Nico walk in on Santiago and Raquel snogging and Mia gets predictably upset. (Oh, come on! They were vertical and clothed!) She goes all the way over to the factory and suits up just to tell Fede that she saw them KISSING! Fede says he’s not getting involved and they should focus on their own lives and not their mom’s.
  • Rafael catches up to Cintia at Raquel’s house and orders her to collect all the money and jewelry in the house.
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