Caer En Tentación #46

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Less than Three Years Ago
  • Santiago asks Caro about “cheating” on him. She says she lied to him about visiting Lisa so she could go to work. Which is convenient when Lola arrives and tells Santi she thinks Caro lied about seeing Lisa.
  • Damian sneaks into Caro’s room while Santi and Raquel are getting coffee. Caro believes what happened was their punishment. She asks Damian to stay away from her.
  • Raquel tells Caro she also had a miscarriage after she had the twins. Caro is inconsolable. She tells Raquel she wants to go back to the way things were before and she’s not going back to work.
  • Mia wants Damian to prove his love for them by taking the family on vacation. This turns into “months at the house in Acapulco.”
  • Santi takes the pregnant nude photo of Caro on his cell phone.
  • Lola goes on the class trip.
  • Damian is still trying to call Caro. Caro falls off a chair while cleaning and goes into labor. In her shock, she answers the phone when Damian calls and tells him what happened. He drives her to the hospital and goes into the delivery room with her.
  • Santiago tells Lola he’s going to stay with Raquel, whether they like it or not.
  • There’s no money in the house, so Rafa demands that Cintia have Raquel meet her at the office and gather as much money as she can. After a brief shootout, Rafa gets arrested. Raquel shows up after it’s all over. She won’t press charges, but they do have to take the jewelry as evidence.
  • Mia goes to her grandmother and blows seeing Raquel and Santiago kissing into “You were right! They’re together! I saw them!” Miriam wants her to move in.
  • Bebo got into a fight in jail and he’s seriously injured.
  • Raquel explains to Antonio that Cintia took the watches and cufflinks. She can’t say Cintia gave them to Rafa, but that seems clear to Antonio and Alina. Alina demands the charges against Bebo be dropped and they open an investigation into why he wasn’t protected while in custody.
  • Laura reports on Bebo’s release and the forthcoming investigation of police corruption.
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