Caer En Tentación #47

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Music Notes
  • Pablo Alboran’s Prometo plays in the scene/s between Raquel and Santi and Raquel and Cintia.
Less than Three Years Ago
  • Damian and Caro both profess their love…but she tells him he needs to leave. Damian still insists the baby is his. He asks her to call the baby Benjamin and begs her never to keep him away from her or his son. Santiago almost sees him when he’s on the way out of the hospital.
  • Lola gets the news about the baby while she’s on the class trip and celebrates with Patricia.
  • Vicente shows up at Damian’s office wanting more money.
  • The doctor shows up to check on Carolina and asks where the father went. While Santiago is standing right there.
  • Bebo’s getting out of jail since there was no theft reported. Alina warns him if he does something like this again, she won’t defend him. Bebo remembers that part of his conversation with his dad on the night Caro died was what they would have for dinner if they were together. Nacho was saying he was going to order out. Alina asks Nico to check into it.
  • Mia moves out. (Don’t let the door hit you….)
  • Laura comes to the station to confront Fernando about “saving” Cintia. She accuses him of only staying with her out of pity and can’t understand why he cares so much about what happens to Cintia.
  • The DNA test results are back. Benjamin isn’t Santiago’s biological child. What happens now depends on how the Beckers react.
  • Bebo told Fernando and the guy who wrote up the report that the guys who beat him up told him he’d better not rat out Rafa.
  • Sammy comes over to Alina’s with a gun and fires it in her direction.
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