Caer En Tentación #48

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Less than Three Years Ago
  • Andres taunts Damian about Vicente and asks if Caro’s baby is his or not.
  • Caro tells the doctor Santi IS the father, and he backtracks and says he’s attended a lot of births today. Vicente shows up at the hospital and Raquel enlists the doctor’s help to keep him away from Caro. He’s only too happy after “the confusion in the delivery room” which he says Caro will have to tell her about.
  • Vicente tells Santiago to warn Caro that rejecting him like this is going to cost her.
  • Before Caro can tell Raquel what happened in the delivery room, the doctor comes back to check up on Caro. She asks him to please not mention to anyone that someone was with her during the birth.
  • After meeting Benja, Raquel wants another baby. She seduces Damian in the kitchen and he didn’t realize she’s not wearing her contraceptive patch anymore. He seems so upset, she assures him she got a shot.
  • Miguel and a couple of his friends crash Patricia and Lola’s celebration. One of them dies of an apparent cocaine overdose and Miguel forces pills and alcohol down Lola’s throat to keep her from calling anyone. Unfortunately, she still remembers in the morning.
  • Santiago plans to get a bank loan for the housing development he wants to build, but he gets turned down. Nacho tries to convince him to ask Raquel for the money.
  • Vicente comes over to Caro’s to try to see the baby. He’s drunk and brings up something he did for her. She tells him to get it through his head that he’s the only one responsible. He cries about wanting the truth to be known.
  • Sammy’s shot misses.
  • Nico and Fede talk and get caught up on Mia leaving the house and Benja being Damian’s biological child.
  • Mia is starting to wonder if she’s made the right choice moving out. Miriam starts talking to her about running the company one day. Mia seems only slightly disturbed at Miriam describing Fede as “turning out like your mother” and that she knows he’s working in the factory because she always finds out everything. She’s content to keep letting him play at being a poor man and gloats to Mia about what people will say when they find out Damian Becker’s son is gay.
  • Santi and Lola are furious that Nico told Fede about Benja. Raquel calls Santi and he asks her if she’s going to take Benja away from him.
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