Caer En Tentación #49

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Less than Three Years Ago
  • Vicente hit his father and threw his body in the river to keep him from abusing Carolina. He killed him by accident and drinks to try to forget what he did. He insists it was both their fault and Carolina abandoned him.
  • Raquel convinces Damian to go meet the baby. When he gets to Caro’s, Vicente is still there, sleeping in Nico’s room. Except he’s not–he listens in on Damian trying to convince Raquel it’s his baby. He comes out to the living room and tells Damian he’s going to have to keep paying him to keep his mouth shut. He taunts Carolina, telling her to tell Damian what happens to guys like him. He wants her to tell him what he did, but Lola comes home.
  • Santi and Nacho go to the foundation to fix a busted pipe. Nacho takes advantage of being alone with Raquel to tell her about the problem they’re having financing the housing project. She’s determined to help and promises she’ll get Santi to tell her about it without bringing Nacho into it.
  • Mia is convinced Caro’s family only wants their money.
  • Santiago blames Raquel for letting Damian get close to his family. It’s her fault they became friends. Raquel unloads on him that it’s both their fault because their spouses were cheating and they didn’t do anything to stop it, much less even notice it was going on.
  • Cintia reminds Raquel that no matter what her intentions are, Miriam won’t pass up a chance to cause trouble.
  • Alina calls Rueda to tell him his son came over with a gun earlier. If he doesn’t get control of him, she’ll have him put in jail.
  • Benja says “uh oh” and it might be even cuter than the time he said “Lola.”
  • Sammy calls Nico, wanting to talk. He says he knows it’s over with Alina, since he pointed a gun at her and Nico flips out, thinking he means Alina’s dead.
  • Antonio is sure Santiago didn’t know the baby was Damian’s. Their only suspect is Nacho, but Antonio insists the proof they have against him is enough. Fernando disagrees–even if Nacho did hit Damian with a shovel, that doesn’t mean he shot Carolina and it doesn’t tell them if someone ordered him to do it. Fernando thinks either Santiago or Raquel could have given him the order.
  • Nico and Santi rush over to Alina’s. Once they figure out she’s not dead, Santiago tells her about the DNA test and asks for her help. Alina’s furious that Nico made such a fuss and she’ll now have to explain her personal life to people. She dumps him.
  • Laura comes to the police station asking for case updates as if she’s missing her high.
  • Rueda tells Miriam and Andres that Benjamin is Damian’s son. (Seriously, Rueda? She didn’t seduce him for money.) Andres sees this as an opportunity to get revenge on Santiago.
  • Santiago comes over to apologize to Raquel.
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