Caer En Tentación #50

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Less than Three Years Ago
  • Raquel sits Santiago down over coffee and totally rats out Nacho. She complains that Santiago and Caro aren’t asking them for help. She insists they’re owed a portion of the profits of the catering business.
  • Damian calls Caro, wanting to know what Vicente was talking about. He also wants to talk visitation and child support, in a manner of speaking.
  • Raquel talks to Damian about Santiago’s project, but he doesn’t like the idea of getting business and friendship all mixed up again. He agrees to leave the decision up to Raquel. He acts a little jealous of her going to have coffee with Santiago.
  • Santiago tells Caro he’s resolved the problem with the housing project. He’s taking a loan from Raquel. Caro’s not happy that they’re asking the Beckers for favors again.
  • Raquel and Santiago make up and make plans for a meeting of all the siblings. Cintia doesn’t think that’s a good idea, especially if Mia’s living with Miriam.
  • Andres and Rueda try to talk Miriam into getting custody of Benja as revenge on Santiago.
  • Fernando takes Laura home. They argue about splitting up and the picture of Juan on her phone, but ultimately he’s not in love with her anymore.
  • Rueda can’t figure out why Andres hates Santiago so much and doesn’t buy his excuse–that ever since his family came into their lives everything’s gone wrong.
  • Santiago picks up Bebo from jail. Bebo wants to check his dad’s kitchen for a flyer or a fridge magnet with the number of a takeout place. Santiago says he can’t do that just now–he just found out Benjamin is Damian’s biological son and he needs to work on making sure they don’t take him away. Bebo promises to stay out of trouble.
  • Alina throws Nico out of her house, saying she wants to be alone. She doesn’t like people getting too close, he’s suffocating her, etc. He runs into Sammy outside the house. Sammy tells Nico that Alina used him and turned him into a puppet, then ditched him. He’s sure the same thing will happen to Nico. Nico pulls an envelope out of Sammy’s hand that apparently contains a suicide note. Nico begs him to find some meaning in life. He left a similar note at the house and Rueda is worried about him.
  • Alina meets with Santiago and breaks it to him that Damian’s mother or his children can ask for custody of Benjamin, but so can Lola and Nico. They just have to prove they have the necessary income to support him. She likes Raquel’s meeting idea and thinks they should get together and agree that Lola will ask for custody, since she’s the oldest.
  • Laura comes over to Raquel’s to try to ask about Benja, but Raquel throws her out. Laura tells her tomorrow’s newscast might interest her.
  • Sammy shows up at Alina’s when she gets home. He tells her he talked to Nico and he’s got a new purpose in life. (Oh, no, that doesn’t sound creepy at all….)
  • Raquel tells Mia about Benja, but Mia refuses to come to the family meeting. Miriam talks her into both of them going together.
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