Caer En Tentación #51

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Less than Three Years Ago
  • Nacho comes over to meet the baby and makes some indirectas about Carolina not needing to be jealous of Santiago for accepting a loan from the Beckers, because he’d never cheat on her.
  • Fede comes over to meet the baby. Lola talks to him about the stuff people posted online and tells him not to care what other people think. Fede’s still not sure if he’s gay. Caro leaves the two of them with the baby while she grabs a shower.
  • Vicente borrowed money from some creep in Valle who wants it repaid or he’ll kill Vicente’s son.
  • Fede thinks something happened to Lola on the trip. She seems different. She has him check social media to make sure no one posted anything about her.
  • Vicente wants more money. Damian’s willing to give it to him in exchange for Carolina’s secret.
  • Santiago tries to not accept the loan, but Raquel tells him to think of it as an investment. If it goes well, they might want to finance other projects. Plus it would give Damian a business that’s not “the family business.”
  • Jovita walks in on Mia and Nico about to have sex. They both come running guiltily down the stairs in the middle of Raquel and Santiago’s conversation.
  • Caro sends the kids out to buy formula, but Nico forgets his keys and walks back in in time to hear her begging Santiago not to go to Valle.
  • Santiago grudgingly allows Miriam to see Benja. Fede gripes at Mia for getting Miriam involved. Miriam’s either a very good actress or she’s succumbing to the charms of Benja. She even leaves without having to be thrown out. I wouldn’t go so far as to believe she’s genuinely worried about Benja’s future.
  • Nacho remembers that he ordered a pizza the night Carolina died and went out to help the pizza guy avoid getting mugged. Bebo’s going to try to find the pizza guy.
  • Alina whines in Nico’s general direction about “needing” him and he says he’s coming right over.
  • Sammy makes it home. He demands to know why his dad hates Alina so much and he thinks it’s more than just what she did to him (Sammy). Rueda trades the truth for the gun–he hates her because Alina played the same game with him. Sammy’s ready for some father-son revenge.
  • Benja jumps on the bed and says “¡Brinca!”
  • Mia gets home with her grandmother and is upset that the “What to do about Benja” talk continues there with Andres. She complains that they care more about Benja than they do about her and she wants it clear that if they bring Benja into this house, she’ll leave.
  • Fernando gets a call from Cintia. Antonio’s worried that he’s moved out of his house and he’s getting calls from someone who’s not his wife. It feels like history repeating itself. He warns Fernando that he already saved him once and he won’t do it again.
  • Bebo finds the pizza place and the owner remembers the pizza guy, Josefo, telling him what happened, but he quit the next day. Bebo talks the owner into handing over Josefo’s contact information.
  • Nico skips out on the family meeting after getting a call from Alina. All she’ll tell him about Sammy is that he was obsessed with her. Nico promises that’s not going to happen to him. *snog*
  • Miriam’s freaking out because she can’t find Mia. Mia’s in a bathroom bleeding out.
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