Caer En Tentación #52

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Character Notes
  • Celia Salguero – the woman Fernando cheated on Laura with
  • Esmeralda – Celia’s roommate, Fernando worked her murder case
Less than Three Years Ago
  • Laura reported on the death of Celia Salguero’s roommate. Even back then Laura was all about “I’ve gotta have an exclusive so I can get camera time.” She was pregnant at the time.
  • Fede rushed out of the house without letting Caro explain/excuse what he heard. She tells Damian Fede heard her on the phone. He tells Lola it wasn’t a normal phone call–something was going on. Damian suggests to Caro they say they were arguing about the loan. Since she really is against it, that’s not a problem for her.
  • Mia and Nico pretend nothing was happening, but Mia tells Jovita she’d better not say anything to Raquel…or Mia will make sure she’s fired. Jovita skirts the issue by telling Raquel she didn’t “hear” anything.
  • Lola doesn’t get why Caro is against the loan. She wonders if Caro suspects Raquel and Santiago are having an affair.
  • Celia Salguero was convinced her roommate’s murderers would be coming for her next.
  • Lola gives Fede another talk about not being so sensitive and not caring what everyone else thinks. Fede asks for some “help” figuring out his sexuality, but Lola’s not going for it.
  • Andres and Miriam freak out at the sight of Mia lying in a pool of blood in the bathroom. At least Miriam’s agreeing to call an ambulance. At the hospital, the doctor says she needs surgery to repair the blood vessels. The doctor thinks it was a suicide attempt, and he’s supposed to report it to the police, but Miriam talks him out of it. She refuses to call Raquel and Fede. Andres calls eventually.
  • Benja does the “¡Brinca! ¡Brinca! ¡Brinca!” thing again. He’s too cute.
  • Raquel finds a gun and a box of ammo in a drawer in Santi’s bedroom. (Which is concerning because it wasn’t locked up and Benja’s at that age where he’d be getting into everything.) It’s Santi’s dad’s gun–it’s all he has left of him, along with his badge.
  • Cintia gives back Fernando’s keys. She says she’s going to change–get a job, find a place to live. She encourages Fernando to work things out with his wife. He’ll do what he can to keep her away from the family, but he’s not going back to her.
  • So, about that family meeting…. Fede’s ok with Lola adopting Benja. So is Lola.
  • Raquel tells Cintia about the gun because she’s worried Santi will do something, but she doesn’t think he had anything to do with what happened to Caro and Damian.
  • Danny, Fede’s coworker, tries to kiss him, but Fede’s not into him. He gets a call from Nico about Mia being in the hospital and asks Danny to drive him.
  • Rueda and Alina argue about who’s more obsessed with whom. He offers her money to disappear.
  • Bebo found the pizza guy and he’s going to testify.
  • Raquel gets to the hospital and confronts Miriam about what she did to Mia. Miriam argues that Mia came to live with her because she didn’t want to watch Raquel screwing Santiago. Raquel slaps her.
  • The doctor tells the family that Mia’s in critical condition.
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