Caer En Tentación #53

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Less than Three Years Ago
  • Fernando gives Laura a case update. Both of the models were also sex workers. Esmeralda wanted out. He swears Laura to secrecy. She starts getting jealous when his coworker calls to say Celia’s asking for him. She’s nervous that she’ll be found, even in the safe house, because the guys she and Esmeralda worked for had lots of police friends.
  • Vicente tells Damian that he killed a man who was trying to rape his sister. Only Carolina, Vicente, and now Damian, know about this.
  • Santi gets home and gets all weird about Lola and Fede being alone in her room with the door shut. He sends Nico to check on them, which they both find hilarious.
  • Santi hears about the fake loan argument, but Caro changes the story and says what she was arguing with Damian about was selling off her part of the catering business. He doesn’t take it well.
  • Jovita explains to Raquel that she can’t say anything because of Mia’s threat. Mia lies to her mom and says nothing happened, but Raquel tells Damian if Jovita hadn’t walked in, Mia and Nico would have had sex. Damian doesn’t want Mia and Nico to have any kind of relationship.
  • Santiago tells the guys they have the money for the project–the Beckers are investing. He complains to Nacho that Caro didn’t like it. He thinks she’s different lately and maybe she deserves someone more successful than him–someone like Damian.
  • Santi talks to Raquel about his insecurities.
  • Damian and Caro sneak out and get their snog on. He asks her for the rest of the story and Caro tells him the man who tried to rape her was her father.
  • Bebo has a thing for Lola. Thoughts of her kept him going while he was in prison. Smoochies are interrupted by a ringing phone.
  • Miriam is outraged at Santiago comforting Raquel. She’s sure that’s the “real” reason Mia wanted to kill herself. Even Raquel thinks that’s the reason, or one of them. She guilt-trips Comatose!Damian.
  • Alina turns down Rueda’s offer. He ups the ante to his part of a law firm in LA. He reallly needs her gone on his own behalf, not just Sammy’s.
  • Two kids playing in the woods find a gun and start incorporating it in their play. An adult finds them before either of them shoots it.
  • Raquel and Santiago are sort-of-breaking-up to avoid upsetting Mia.
  • Mia’s awake enough to want Nico to stay, but Alina’s demanding he come to work.
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