Caer En Tentación #54

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Less than Three Years Ago
  • Carolina confirms that Vicente told Damian the truth, he just left out the part that it was their father. He was an alcoholic and came home drunker than usual the day it happened. When the body turned up, everyone assumed he was drunk and fell into the river.
  • Raquel reminds Santiago that he’s a self-made man and he’s successful. Santi doesn’t think Caro sees him that way and she deserves better. He thinks the love is over between them. Raquel wonders if he’s seeing someone else, but no. He feels like Caro doesn’t pay attention to him. Raquel reminds him she just had a baby! She says the two of them are going to have to work harder on their relationships or someone else might come along and Damian and Caro could “fall into temptation.”
  • Mia’s a jerk about Fede going over to meet Benja. She insists he has a thing for Lola and was spying on her in Acapulco. She taunts him about being bisexual and makes fun of him for being a virgin. And she smirks.
  • Damian comes up with the idea of being Benja’s godfather to justify being so close to him and providing for him.
  • Fernando and Antonio discuss the surveillance videos from Esmeralda and Celia’s apartment. Someone used a set of keys to get in and was wearing a cap, so they didn’t get his face on camera. Fernando looks for Celia to tell her he’s going back to the office and she casually calls him over to the bathroom, where she’s naked and insisting she needs to talk to him. Fernando takes a rain check.
  • At the end of their visit, Raquel calls Damian to see if he’s on his way home so they can discuss business with Santiago. Damian tells Carolina that Santiago is over at his house with Raquel and asks how she’d feel if they were having an affair.
  • Cintia has Fernando come over to tell him about the gun Santiago has. He doesn’t think there’s anything weird about it. Really, she just wanted to see him…and the feeling is mutual.
  • Santi accepts the breakup, but he tells Raquel she can call or text him any time she wants to get back together. He whines about it to Lola.
  • Juan sees Lola and Bebo holding hands after dropping Benja off at school. Lola’s about to kiss Bebo, but she gets a sudden abdominal pain.
  • Nico tries to leave the hospital when Raquel comes back from breaking up with his dad, but she needs to know what happened between him and Mia. Nico says there’s nothing between them, they tried to have a relationship and it didn’t work out. I glare in his general direction. When Raquel presses him further, he plays the “Mia doesn’t like seeing you with my dad” card and says he doesn’t like it either. I glare more pointedly in his specific direction.
  • Fernando gets the call that they found the gun that might have been used to kill Carolina and goes over to collect the evidence, let the dogs search again, and get fingerprints from the kid who found it.
  • The ballistics report is back and the gun is the correct caliber, but there were hardly any fingerprints, except those from the boy who found it. Fernando suddenly wonders if there was just one killer. He still thinks Santiago had something to do with it.
  • Laura reports: Bebo’s free; Cintia took the jewels and she might have been covering Rafa; there was a hostage situation at Raquel’s house and she didn’t do a thing about it; Benja is Damian’s son; the police found the murder weapon; Nacho probably did it on Santiago’s orders.
  • Cintia’s furious about Laura’s report. She thinks she’s doing it to attack Fernando indirectly. He says he’ll talk to her. (Oh yeah, that oughtta go well.)
  • Nico shows up late to work in casual clothes. Not that Alina doesn’t want him to change, but she finds his defiance attractive. She calls Rueda, wanting to talk more about his offer.
  • Miriam wants Rueda to start working on getting her custody of Benja.
  • At the hospital, Raquel sincerely thanks Andres for saving Mia. She asks if Miriam is going to try to get custody of Benja and he breaks it to her that Miriam’s already trying, but he has an idea of how Raquel could stop her….
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