Caer En Tentación #55

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  • I thought Bebo said he already found the pizza guy, but he’s just now getting to his house and asking him to testify.
  • Raquel tells Santiago that Miriam’s going after Benja’s custody. She won’t tell him what she plans to do, but she asks him not to do anything without consulting her first.
  • Even with the pizza guy’s testimony, they won’t let Nacho go until/unless they confirm that the ONE fingerprint on the gun isn’t his.
  • Raquel’s angry when she finds out Laura mentioned Benja’s paternity in her newscast. She tells Cintia she hopes Fernando straightens this out with Laura, but she wants Cindia to stay away from him.
  • Lola goes to the gynecologist–he wants to rule out infection, but thinks her symptoms could also be due to pregnancy.
  • Juan kidnaps Lola to show her how much therapy has changed him. He just wants a second chance. Lola won’t believe him until he shows her he’s changed.
  • Rueda comes over to discuss the offer he made Alina. She snogs him, reminding him that she likes to close deals with sex–it fills her with energy (uh, I’d say it’s the feeling like she has control over whatever guy is falling for her that fills her with energy). By the time Nico interrupts, they’ve made it to opposite sides of Alina’s desk. She sends him out for coffee and cigarettes for Rueda, but he leaves the cash with her secretary. Rueda gets a kick out of Nico defying her.
  • Fernando’s furious that Laura’s making up stories that are going to harm her credibility. And no, he’s not going to come back home.
  • Miriam meets Andres at the office and tells him that Raquel offered up her share of the family business (and if Damian dies, she’ll have a majority) if Miriam doesn’t sue for custody of Benja. So now Miriam’s not sure that’s what she wants.
  • Santi wants to go on the run with Benja, but Lola gets him to come home and talk to her. She reminds him that they’re family and they can’t let anyone separate them. Nico calls with the short version of Raquel’s deal, then comes home and explains. Santiago doesn’t trust Miriam, but Nico says it’ll be an agreement on paper. He didn’t realize Santiago was planning to run off, but once he hears it he thinks it’s a stupid idea.
  • Nico tells Santi he made a mistake having sex with Alina. She’s trying to control him all the time now. He doesn’t know what happened. He thinks he fell in love.
  • Azucena finds something juicy in Damian’s/Raquel’s office. Miriam tells her to leave everything on the desk and announces she’s back in charge again. Azucena smuggles out the folder while Miriam’s distracted by a phone call.
  • Mia should be getting out of the hospital soon. She tells Raquel she didn’t want to kill herself, but admits she tried and she’s sorry.
  • Santi begs Raquel not to make a deal with Miriam. She can’t be trusted.
  • Fernando stops by the hospital to tell Cintia Laura won’t mess with her or her family again. Now he’s the one who seems interested and she seems uninterested. Andres taunts her, saying they have a past and he’ll come looking for her later. The fine upstanding people in the hospital hallway seem not to notice or care that he shoves her against the wall and slobbers on her.
  • Antonio has the lineup ready to see if the pizza guy can identify Nacho.
  • Cintia doesn’t like how much Raquel is sacrificing what she wants to protect everyone else. She doesn’t think Mia wanted to kill herself because Raquel is dating Santiago, she thinks Mia probably felt betrayed by her dad when she found out about Benja.
  • A summons to appear in court for Benja’s custody battle shows up at Santi’s house.
  • Miriam rips up the paperwork for her deal with Raquel. She just wanted to make sure Benjamin was more important to her than the factory. And now she knows. (That’s cold.)
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