Caer En Tentación #56

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Less than Three Years Ago
  • Julieta gives Mia a hard time for almost having sex with Nico. Partly because Mia hasn’t had sex and partly because she thinks Nico is beneath her.
  • Santiago and the Beckers agree that the Beckers will invest in his project.
  • Miguel stops by the office to see Andres. He takes advantage of Lola being there to hit on her.
  • Nacho wants to be Benja’s godfather and Santiago seems inclined to let him. Damian still thinks Caro can convince Santi to let Damian do it. They end up fighting about Santiago and whether Damian believes in his project or not.
  • Vicente pays off his debt.
  • They caught the guy who killed Esmeralda. Celia is still worried and the only thing that will reassure her is having Fernando stay with her. She won’t testify unless he protects her.
  • Miriam still wants the company, she’s just going after the kid first. Andres swears he didn’t know what Miriam was going to do.
  • The pizza guy correctly identifies Nacho as the guy who defended him against an attacker with an ice pick. Once they get the fingerprint results back, Nacho’s free. They’ve got most of the serial number, except for two numbers.
  • Cintia taunts Comatose!Damian that life has gone on with out him. She tells him to wake up as if her words have the power to make it happen.
  • Cintia tries to convince Mia to talk to her. Mia doesn’t want to talk to anyone and insists she’s “cured.” She refuses to go back to therapy.
  • Raquel tells Santi he was right–Miriam ripped up the agreement. She still wants to help, but Santi wants to do it on his own. Nico insists Santiago get Alina to help him.
  • While they wait for Nacho’s release, Alina asks Bebo to find out for her what’s going on with Nico.
  • Laura’s report: Nacho was at home at the time of the murder; the fingerprint on the gun wasn’t his; he’ll be out soon; no one knows who the gun or the prints belong to and it’s all because the police are incompetent. Laura’s boss complains about the lack of substance in her report. He tells her she only has her career because of her link to the police, so she’d better make up with her husband.
  • Azucena shows up at Raquel’s with the Folder of Juicy Info: Damian established a trust for Benjamin. Azucena admits that both Damian and she know from the beginning that Benja was his son. She says it wasn’t her place to tell Raquel. She thinks Damian loved Raquel, and love is divine, but the flesh is only human.
  • Fede listens to his work friends making fun of Mia and pretends it’s a coincidence that Danny took him to the same hospital last night. Danny sees him in the office talking to Raquel later and gripes to Luz that Fede’s been lying. Luz comes after Fede for hurting Danny.
  • Juan warns Bebo to stay away from Lola or next time he won’t miss–he’ll kill him.
  • Fernando asks Vicente’s neighbors about him, then goes to ask Vicente about the parts of his statement that don’t add up.
  • Alina tells Santi that both sets of Benja’s siblings really need to be on his side and Lola needs a steady income. He confronts Alina about her intentions toward his son.
  • Lola finds Raquel at the hospital and tells her she’s pregnant.
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