Caer En Tentación #57

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Less than Three Years Ago
  • Miguel wants Andres to go in with him on money laundering–they can make millions in months. All they have to do is sell more franchises, especially out of the country. And involving the catering company. He wants Andres to do this without knowing whose money they’d be laundering.
  • Agustín takes a bunch of shovels out of the back of the truck and sticks them in a wheelbarrow at Santi’s house.
  • Nacho gets offended at Agustín suggesting he’s interested in a woman–he hasn’t dated anyone since his wife died.
  • Damian has a talk with Fede about his sexuality. Fede’s no closer to figuring things out. Damian insists that they love and support him.
  • Andres wants Azucena to give him information about the catering company and insists she has to do it because she’s “just an employee.” She calls Damian, but he has no problem giving Andres that information.
  • Jovita notices a glow in Raquel’s eyes and wonders if she’s pregnant. She correctly predicted the twins. Raquel admits her period is late, but it could be due to switching birth control methods. She sends Jovita out to get a test for her.
  • The Alvarados come over for dinner at the Beckers. Mia takes Nico up to her room to talk about the sex they didn’t have. She admits she’s nervous because she hasn’t had sex before. She asks if he has, but doesn’t give him a chance to answer. Damian starts hinting about godparenthood again. He argues with Caro in the hallway, which nearly interrupts the sex Mia and Nico aren’t having tonight. It’s definitely interrupted when Damian knocks on the door and Nico has to hide in Mia’s bathroom. (Seriously, kids, you thought you’d have time before dinner?)
  • Nacho gets released, finally.
  • Carolina takes the baby upstairs to change his diaper and finds Raquel stressing over the pregnancy test she hasn’t had the guts to take yet. Caro tells her to take it now and get it over with.
  • Lola thinks this is all a mistake. She explains it’s Juan’s baby and she never wants to see Juan again because he was abusive. She thinks her dad will be disappointed in her and doesn’t want him, or anyone else, to know. Raquel agrees to help her.
  • Alina tries to avoid Santi’s question. He’d be ok with it if they were really in love, but he doesn’t think they are. He leaves it up to her whether she assigns them a different lawyer.
  • Fernando’s heard about Vicente being abusive to his wife, spending a lot of money on booze. And what happened to his father? How did he know Caro and Damian had a cabin, but not that they had a child together? There were big cash withdrawals from the company account. He might have grounds to accuse Vicente of extortion.
  • Santi’s still not sure about having Alina working on the case. He doesn’t want Nico to be tormented. Nico insists he’s keeping his job and he’ll just try not to get involved with Alina.
  • Fernando goes to the office to ask Azucena if Vicente showed up there to get money from Damian. He tells her the financial forensics people told him there’s money missing. Azucena admits Vicente showed up, but lies and says she doesn’t know why. Fernando tells her he’s sure she knows things that could help–or doesn’t she want to know what happened to Damian? How long had she known about the relationship between Damian and Caro?
  • Mia is being discharged, but she wants to see her dad first and she heard that Raquel slapped her grandmother.
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