Caer En Tentación #58

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Less than Three Years Ago
  • The pregnancy test comes out negative. Raquel felt like this was her last chance. She faux blames Caro for her wanting another baby. She thanks Caro for seeing her as the person she pretends to be and not the insecure person she is. She’s terrified that Damian’s going to leave her. She feels empty inside and everything she does to fill the emptiness just covers it up, but she’s sure a baby would have actually filled it.
  • While Santi goes out to the truck to get the plans for the project to show Damian, Caro confronts Damian about continuing to sleep with Raquel. When Santi and Raquel show up in the living room, Caro announces that she and Santi have decided that Nacho will be the baby’s godfather and Raquel will be his godmother.
  • Raquel is really happy about being a godmother and she’s determined to take it seriously. She thinks Damian is upset because they didn’t pick him as godfather.
  • Andres announces to Damian that he’s got some people interested in franchises of the pasta boutique and the catering business. Some “friends” of his. Damian calls Caro to talk to her about it, but they can’t keep from arguing. She tells him to take it up with her business partner. He comes over to continue the argument in person and suggests that she wants him to leave Raquel before she’ll let him see Benja.
  • Laura needs a few days off from work but her boss (same one from the current timeline) threatens to hire a replacement for her.
  • Raquel talks to the doctor from the foundation about her feelings of loss after finding out she’s not pregnant and says she doesn’t know how she can go on.
  • Santiago is so convinced that Damian is upset that he tells Nacho he “might” ask Damian to be Benja’s godfather. Nacho accuses him of making the decision for money.
  • Sabrina comes over to Fede’s and they try again to have sex.
  • Mia confronts Comatose!Damian about having a baby with Caro. She looks out to the waiting area, where Raquel is giving Lola a doctor’s contact info and hugging her. She blames her dad for her family falling apart.
  • Azucena tells Andres that Fernando wanted to know about Vicente, but she didn’t tell him about the extortion And she didn’t tell him about Andres, either. He reminds her if he goes down, she’s going down too.
  • Mia comes home with Raquel. She warns Jovita and Cintia that they’ll have to keep a close eye on her. Andres comes over to see Mia and to ask Cintia to find out what Fernando was investigating. He needs Fernando to stop or he’ll find out that Damian didn’t pay all his taxes, which will implicate Raquel. And then he hits on her.
  • Bebo comes over to tell Santiago that Nacho is out. He passes on the news to Lola and then tells her about Juan’s threat.
  • Fernando has decided that Vicente was being paid off by Damian, but he needs to get more proof. Antonio tells Fernando to go back to Valle with even more officers to make Vicente nervous enough to tell them the truth.
  • Santiago and Raquel sneak off to be together.
  • Fede meets Luz at a bar. She wants to know why he broke Danny’s heart and he admits she’s the one he likes. He kisses her and tells her Danny’s a good friend, but he’s not interested in men.
  • Lola talks to the doctor from the foundation about wanting help finding an abortion clinic. He points out the kids working at a nearby table and blah blah blahs about hope and no one having the right to make decisions about another person’s life. (You know, like he’s trying to do. Or like Juan tried to do and will continue trying to do until he dies or finds another victim.)
  • Vicente sees the cops in town and calls Andres to ask him what that’s about. If Vicente’s going down, Andres is going down with him. Andres apparently made him “do” things and sign something.
  • Aha! Miriam got to avoid charges for attempted murder of Damian because she wasn’t “in her right mind” so what judge is going to give her custody of a child? (Miriam actually looks like she admires Raquel for having figured that out.)
  • Nacho comes over to Santi’s. Santi’s blaming himself for Nacho getting arrested in the first place–they only suspected him because he’s friends with Santi. Santi’s sorry he didn’t make Nacho Benja’s godfather. Nacho spent a lot of time in jail thinking about who would want to kill Caro and he’s realized someone who knows more about this than they do isn’t even being investigated.
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