Caer En Tentación #59

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Character Notes
  • Dr. Altuba – Raquel’s doctor, the doctor from the foundation
Less than Three Years Ago
  • Dr. Altuba comes over to walk Raquel through some breathing exercises to head off a panic attack. He wants her to get back into treatment.
  • Caro tells Damian the two of them are never leaving their spouses/families. Damian angrily reminds her that he’s only still married to Raquel because Caro said that’s what she wanted. They’re still arguing about how often he’ll get to see Benja when Santiago comes in. Damian tells Santi they were arguing about the catering business and Caro wanting to get rid of her half.
  • Santi tells Damian he’d like him to be Benjamin’s godfather.
  • The person Nacho’s referring to who isn’t being investigated Miriam. She knows everything and he thinks she’s capable of doing it. And she’s been manipulating everyone. He’s sure she’s responsible for Caro’s death. He wouldn’t put it past her to have hurt Damian, but that also could have been accidental. He begs Santi to bring their theory to Antonio.
  • Miriam brings up Raquel’s past, but Raquel’s not the one asking for custody. She whines that she’s going to leave Raquel with nothing because it’s all Raquel’s fault–she’s the one who brought Carolina into their lives. Miriam tells Rueda that Raquel has had “episodes” in the past and it’s probably why Damian got sick of her.
  • Luz is upset about the kiss, probably out of loyalty for Danny. She agrees with Danny now that Fede isn’t who he says he is.
  • Alina comes over to talk to Raquel, but Mia wants Raquel to throw her out. She’s sure Alina’s been sleeping with Nico, even if he denied it. Instead, Raquel mentions how much a part of the family Nico is and how much he’s spoiling Mia. Alina drops off some paperwork for Fede and Mia to sign.
  • Bebo tells Santi that Juan’s stalking Lola again. He offers to do something about him, but Santi and Nacho don’t want him getting into trouble.
  • Raquel talks to Dr. Altuba and he says he wasn’t able to talk Lola into keeping the baby (thanks for being honest). He’s been treating Raquel and wonders if she needs an adjustment in her medication.
  • Bebo helps Nico make sense of his feelings. He wants Alina, but he’s in love with Mia.
  • Raquel tells Cintia about the trust Damian left behind for Benja. She doesn’t feel like she can handle her anxiety this time.
  • Santi tries to go talk to Juan, but his mom says he’s out of town for work.
  • Cintia meets Fernando for coffee. He starts talking about the case. She asks if he thinks the company was evading taxes, but Fernando suspects money laundering.
  • Lola tells Bebo she’s pregnant with Juan’s baby. Bebo’s not judging. He promises not to tell anyone. Lola tells him she doesn’t even want to THINK about talking to Juan about this.
  • Laura tells Andres that not talking to the press is making him look suspicious. She claims to know about the investigation because she’s married to Fernando.
  • Nico’s refusing to let Alina steamroll him. She tries to make it all about work, but she seems confused and disappointed that he’s not fawning all over her.
  • Cintia brings Raquel to see Santiago. She explains that Raquel is having anxiety attacks again and needs to be with people who love her. Santi’s planning to just drive to wherever the road leads and stay there as long as Raquel needs to.
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