Caer En Tentación Friday 1/12/18 #60

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Less than Three Years Ago
  • Damian is surprised to see the doctor at his house. The doctor explains that Raquel’s been dealing with so much that not being pregnant was the last straw for her. She’s having a dissociative episode due to stress. She needs rest and he’ll be keeping an eye on her.
  • When Damian explains to his mom that he needs help with the kids, she mocks Raquel for being “loca.” He asks her to keep an eye on things at work and not let Andres get into trouble with these new investors. Miriam keeps complaining about everything being Raquel’s fault, including his affair.
  • Azucena brings over the paperwork for Benja’s trust for Caro to sign. He’ll get the money when he’s an adult, but if something were to happen to Damian before then and if she needed the money to support Benja, she’d have access to it. Azucena’s not judging and no one’s going to find out from her. She thinks her silence protects Raquel better than telling her the truth would.
  • Fernando’s not happy that Laura went in to work. They’d already had a scare. She promises to take care of herself if he promises not to lie to her–she knows he was watching “the model.”
  • Nico and Sabrina did have sex, but he wasn’t feeling it. He wonders what’s wrong with him.
  • Santi and Raquel start their road trip. She remembers when she first saw Damian at the hospital she thought she would die. She wanted the doctor to say everything would be OK…and then she heard he was with his lover.
  • Vicente visits Andres at the office, which Nico finds suspicious. Vicente mentions some money that Damian agreed to give him that never showed up.
  • Alina won’t be taking Rueda up on his offer, at least not until she wins the custody case. He offers her the law firm in the US again, if she loses the case. He’ll hand over half the money Miriam gives him for working on the case. Alina accepts part of the deal–she’ll do her best to lose the custody case. She wants payment up front.
  • Juan’s mother confronts him about Santi’s visit, but it gets her nowhere.
  • Santiago drives to some little town where no one knows them. Raquel tells him she’s having a hard time not getting overwhelmed by her thoughts. At the hotel, she breaks things off mid-snog and starts thinking she’s with Damian, that he came out of the coma. She’s happy to see him, but then she remembers he cheated on her and starts screaming at him.
  • The police have narrowed the list of potential gun owners down to 10 and one of them is Rogelio Alvarado, Santiago’s father. Fernando tells him Santiago has his father’s gun in his house. He isn’t ready to discard Santiago as a suspect yet. He wants to get a warrant to search Santiago’s house. There are no matching fingerprints in the criminal database. Antonio warns Fernando if he’s still seeing Cintia it had better be about the case.
  • Laura’s going to feed Andres information about the money laundering investigation. Miriam calls and wants to set up a meeting with Laura. Andres tells her she can get all the family information she wants out of Miriam.
  • Miriam’s sure that Laura’s only interested in the case for ratings. She thinks they can help each other. Miriam wants certain information revealed and other information covered up. Miriam wants Laura to report that she’s seeking custody. She wants Laura to air some of Santiago’s kids’ dirty laundry, and she’ll give her some information about Raquel. She starts by telling her that Mia tried to kill herself.
  • Laura reports exactly what Miriam wanted her to. Mia sees the report and is upset. She wants her mom and Cintia’s excuses about her being at work aren’t working anymore.
  • Santiago wakes up from a nap to find that Raquel is gone. She got taken in by a townie whose wife recognizes her as the wife of that guy who’s in a coma. Santiago’s still looking for her when Cintia calls.
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