Caer En Tentación Monday 1/15/18 #61

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Less than Three Years Ago
  • Santi and Caro argue about making Damian Benja’s padrino. She thinks it does look like he’s doing it for money reasons. They make up the following day, but Nacho’s still upset.
  • Fede tells Nico things aren’t good at his house. His mom’s not well. His dad says it’s stress, but Fede’s not convinced that’s all it is. Nico wonders if that’s why Mia’s so…pensive…lately. Fede quickly says it’s not.
  • Carolina and Benja visit Damian at the office. They run into Miriam. She’s predictably ugly. In his office, Damian explains that he sent Azucena to get her signature on the trust paperwork because he needed to make it official right away. He talks to Caro about Raquel. She tells him about running into Miriam. She said she’d rather see him dead than with Caro. Too many people are finding out and it makes Caro nervous.
  • There’s a gas leak at the Beckers’. Santi and Agustín go check it out. Jovita tells Santi Raquel’s not well. Santi goes up to see Raquel and she tells him she’s being locked up–she asks him to get her out.
  • Laura’s having abdominal pain again and her boss is as understanding as ever.
  • Santi brings up the catering company again–neither Caro nor Raquel are capable of running it right now. He’ll sell it if Caro wants to, but it’s also a good cover for them. She doesn’t want to sell, but she doesn’t see how she can manage it and she’s worried about how it will affect Raquel.
  • Instead of telling her he’s lost Raquel, Santi says he’ll bring her right home.
  • Raquel suddenly remembers Santiago and starts searching for her phone and trying to get outside, but Mrs. Concerned Citizen won’t let her.
  • Lola asks Bebo to go with her to the clinic. Juan follows them. The doctor tells her to get some tests done, but she doesn’t have the money.
  • Rueda tells Miriam about his deal with Alina, but Miriam wants to talk to Alina herself.
  • Danny figured out who Nico is and he accuses him of spying. Nico points out all the shenanigans he’s seen–Luz’s brother does favors for Andres, she clocks in for Danny when he’s late, Danny steals pasta.
  • Alina behaves professionally around Nico. He’s not suspicious, but I am.
  • The search warrant for Santiago’s house is ready. Can they really do this search if Santiago’s not home? The gun is still in the house and seeing it freaks Lola and Bebo out…but the case is empty, which Lola thinks is good news. Bebo knows what it really means. He and Fernando explain it to her.
  • Mr. Concerned Citizen (Omar) calls the company and talks to Andres. Santiago’s having no luck finding her and Andres warns Omar that Santi is dangerous. Andres calls around to make sure he’s right and Santi and Raquel are together. He collects some cash to pay off Omar.
  • Nacho calls to ask Cintia if she knows where Santi is–she’s still under the impression that he’s on his way back with Raquel.
  • Andres, who’s still at the office, gloats when Rueda tells him about the gun. He’s hoping he can spin this so Santi was taking advantage of Raquel.
  • Santi finds a teenager who saw Raquel and knows where she might be. Now both Omar and his wife are refusing to let Raquel so much as go outside because her “family” asked him not to let her go outside. Santi makes it to the house. I’d say a few more shouts of “Raquel” right now might be a good idea.
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