Caer En Tentación Tuesday 1/16/18 #62

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Less than Three Years Ago
  • Raquel is afraid of she’ll end up dying in a psychiatric facility like her mother. She keeps begging Santiago to get her out of there so she doesn’t lose herself.
  • Fede goes to Nico’s after school to avoid going home. He’s annoyed with himself for “always” running away from his problems. Like girls. Nico says he just doesn’t like Sabrina is all and one day he’ll find someone he does like.
  • While Santi’s at the Beckers’ house, Damian comes home with Carolina. She explains later that was with Damian talking about the catering company and he thought losing it would be a blow to Raquel. Or does he think…? Santi’s upset she’s asking, because he wasn’t thinking that at all. He thought she didn’t care about the catering company. Caro makes it sound like she’s not selling because of Raquel.
  • Laura goes rushing out to the news van to grab footage for a breaking story and edit it before she goes on the air. She has another pain and starts bleeding. When Fernando gets to the hospital and finds out she’s lost the baby, he ends up yelling at her and basically blaming her. Laura kicks him out of the hospital room.
  • Vicente hands some cash over to Lisa and says she’d better let him see his son. He threatens to kill her if he finds out she spent any of the money on herself.
  • Caro argues with Lola about feeling like everybody just wants her around to keep house and she never gets to do what she wants to. Lola tells Santi what she said. By evening, he’s talking about hiring Agustín’s cousin to help with the baby so Caro can run the catering company.
  • Mia goes to Fede for comfort. She heard her parents talking and she’s afraid Raquel is going “crazy.”
  • Mrs. Concerned Citizen tells Santiago that the woman he’s looking for was at her house, but she left already. And he buys it. He heads for the bus station and gets “help” from a police officer.
  • At the repeated insistence of Omar, Raquel takes her pills. She’s coherent enough to know she came here with Santiago, but Omar’s not letting her leave.
  • Miriam wonders where Andres is headed with his newly-acquired cash. He explains it’s a reward for someone who found Raquel. She verifies with Azucena that it’s company money and complains about 20k pesos being too much.
  • Nico and Alina are still working the case, but he can’t reach Santi. Alina says she believes that Santiago didn’t kill his wife, but they really need to find him.
  • Rueda goes over to the police station to tell Antonio that Santiago skipped town and he knows where he is.
  • Miriam goes over to Raquel’s to blow everything out of proportion. Her son is DYING while Raquel’s out on her HONEYMOON with the guy whose fault it is that her son is DYING! And Mia hears her.
  • At the police station, Alina explains to Lola and Nico that they’re going to test Santiago’s gun to see if the marks it leaves on the bullet match the ones left on the bullets pulled out of Carolina’s body. And sure enough, they are. Which still only means that was the murder weapon, just saying–even Godoy says it means Santiago probably knows who killed his wife.
  • Miriam gives Laura the dirt and suggests Laura get to whatever little town it is for the big arrest.
  • Andres gets to town, meets Omar, and drives him back to his house. Santiago’s also back at the house again, asking for more information. He sees Raquel and runs inside. Andres and Omar arrive and Andres tries to get Raquel to come with him. Andres and Santiago arguing upsets Raquel. Santiago gets one good punch in before the cops show up to arrest him.
  • Alina gives Santi’s family the bad news. There’s a search warrant out for Santi and he’s not in town. Nacho admits he knew Santi was with Raquel, but he didn’t know where. The cops are assuming he ran to avoid them.
  • Santi’s definitely in trouble for “violating” the restraining order Andres had on him. They’re also accusing him of kidnapping. Santi explains what happened and says they should be arresting Mrs. Concerned Citizen, who was keeping Raquel against her will and lied to him about her not being there.
  • Miriam and is still on the “Raquel sucks” train. Cintia and Nico can’t get her to stop. Even Mia’s had enough of it. Miriam insists her grandchildren aren’t staying in this house, one way or another.
  • Laura shows up outside the police station in middle-of-nowheresville and interviews Fernando, who refuses to say anything. Andres will talk, but not on camera. Antonio finally tells Santiago why he’s being arrested. Raquel’s more confused than ever. She follows everyone out, holding on to Antonio, but Andres has got her by the time they get outside.
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