Caer En Tentación Thursday 1/18/18 #64

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Character Notes
  • Abel – Santi’s neighbor in jail
Less than Three Years Ago
  • Caro’s getting ready to leave the catering office and Damian’s still hanging around. She doesn’t like that Damian fixes everything with money–the partnership with Santiago, the trust, the car. And she’s not merchandise. She wants them both to go back to their families. If Santiago ever suspects Benjamin isn’t his…he’d never so much as kill a fly, but when it comes to his family he’s capable of everything.
  • Caro meets Santiago outside a church where she wants to have Benja’s baptism. The problem is Raquel isn’t well and she doesn’t think Damian should come alone, and maybe it’s better to have Nacho after all, but she knows it’s complicated. She starts talking about rekindling their relationship as Damian sneaks up on them, gets an earful, and walks away.
  • Florencia answers the door at the Alvarado house and Mia immediately gets jealous. She screams at Nico to tell her if he’s slept with Florencia. Nico calms her down and they go off to his room to argue in private about Nico seeing other girls because Mia keeps ignoring him. Mia says she’s afraid of everything and she wants them to have sex, but she needs time.
  • Laura’s being released from the hospital, but she doesn’t want to see Fernando. She doesn’t want him to be at home when she gets there, either.
  • Raquel begs Caro to bring Benja over and leave him with her for the day. She knows Caro might be worried about leaving the baby with her, but she’s OK. And once she gets permission, she’ll come back to work. Caro thinks Damian planned this, especially because he shows up before she leaves. He confronts her about meeting her HUSBAND…well, yeah, he followed her but only because she left him alone! Caro’s having none of it.
  • Cintia keeps asking “What if?” but Raquel is adamant that Santiago didn’t kill Caro–he loved her.
  • Rueda’s not planning to use the knowledge about the unpaid loan until later, when it would be considered an aggravating factor.
  • Santi meets Abel, in the neighboring cell. Abel tells him to save the “I’m innocent” talk. That doesn’t matter–what matters is whether you can prove it and how much money you have. Abel’s heard talk that someone’s got it in for Santiago. He’d even be willing to find out who, when he gets back out.
  • Sammy keeps pushing her, but Mia’s working the angles and she’s not sure she wants to tell Nico about Alina. She wants Santiago to stay in jail.
  • While the police are waiting for the fingerprint comparison to come back, Fernando’s going to Valle to pick up Vicente. Antonio tells him Laura came by, asking about him. He thinks Fernando should call her because something something wounded women cliché. I couldn’t hear it over the sound of my eyes rolling..
  • Nico comes home, slamming doors and doing his best Santiago impression. He demands to know if what Juan said was true–is she pregnant with Bebo’s baby. Bebo’s quick to say it’s true. (Which kind of works for me as long as Juan keeps thinking it’s not his child and moves on.)
  • Laura’s report: they found the murder weapon; Raquel has psychiatric problems; she and Santiago ran off together; did he plan it alone, or were he and Raquel in cahoots?; *smarmy smile*.
  • Rueda stops by the office to get proof of Damian’s loan to Santiago. Azucena says there was no loan. They were business partners. She admits Santiago was supposed to give Damian his share of the profits a few days before the accident.
  • Andres and Rueda embark on a little trip to fantasyland where Carolina was sleeping with Damian to get money out of him, and Santiago, Vicente, and Carolina were all blackmailing Damian. Rueda doesn’t understand why Santiago would kill his wife if they were working together. It would mean less money. Andres suggests maybe something went wrong.
  • Mia hangs out at the hospital with Miriam. She asks if there’s an arrangement with Santiago’s lawyer. Miriam tells her not to judge. She marches Mia over to the door of Damian’s room and asks if she loves him…so doesn’t she think they should do everything possible to make sure Santiago rots in jail for what he did to Damian?
  • Azucena tells Fede she needs to talk to Raquel to tell her what Rueda and Andres are up to. She can’t find any paperwork about the partnership in Damian’s office. If he wants to help Santiago, they have to find a way to clear up this situation.
  • Alina stops by the police station to get Santiago’s permission to defend him…as long as he promises her that he never touched the gun. He says he didn’t–he’s scared of guns. He used to be terrified every time his dad went off to work. He begs her to help him with Benja’s custody case, but him being in jail complicates things.
  • Lola doesn’t confirm or deny that she’s pregnant by Bebo, but she insists she’s not having the baby. If Nico doesn’t say anything to their dad, he’ll never have to know. He’s got enough problems as it is.
  • Rueda and Miriam meet with Alina. They’re surprised to hear her say she won’t be betraying her client at the custody hearing. If he’s in jail, a judge won’t give him custody. And yes, that means Miriam doesn’t have to pay her anything. She’s not going to charge for something she isn’t going to do. Mimiam still wants her help keeping Santiago in jail. She asks Alina to name her price.
  • Raquel is determined to go visit Santiago. She’s sure Miriam’s already working to keep him in jail so she can win the custody case. Cintia would rather she be fully recovered before she has to take on Miriam.
  • The fingerprints on the gun aren’t Santiago’s. Yay! But the judge still has to review his case and release him and Alina doesn’t know exactly when that’s going to happen.
  • Mia comes over to taunt Nico about his dad killing his mom and leaving her dad in a coma.
  • Antonio breaks it to Alina that Santiago’s only cleared as the actual murderer, but they’ve got enough to suspect him as being the “autor intelectual.” The judge wants him held for resisting arrest, which gives the Beckers more time to come up with additional evidence.
  • Raquel visits Santiago and tells him to hang in there. She needs him. She knows “perfectly well” he didn’t do it…which sounds to Santiago like she’s saying she knows who did.
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