Caer En Tentación Wednesday 1/17/18 #63

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Less than Three Years Ago
  • Florencia, Agustín’s cousin, meets Caro and Benja and gets hired.
  • Nacho’s still upset about not being Benja’s godfather. He forgives Santi, but only if he gets to be godfather to the NEXT baby. (Uh, that would have been the one she was carrying when she died, right? Damn, show!)
  • Damian didn’t know about Raquel’s mother. The doctor says Raquel has a predisposition toward psychiatric issues (? He wasn’t specific) and the fear that what happened to her mother and sister will happen to her isn’t helping. But she’s come out of her dissociative episode and needs to get back to her regular life, with maybe more attention and affection from Santiago than he’d been giving her.
  • Celia’s whiny about Fernando not staying with her, even though he told her he’d just lost his baby. She keeps reminding him she’s only testifying because she trusts him.
  • For some reason, Caro takes the baby to work and Damian comes over to hang out with Benja. But Caro wants him to go be with Raquel. It kind of freaks her out to see him holding the baby. He also wanted to tell her he’s thinking of getting her a car. Caro’s not going for that.
  • Florencia comes over for work and gets an eyeful of shirtless Santi. Since the baby’s not there and she has nothing else to do, she makes breakfast for Santiago.
  • Despite Andres’ continued requests not to film him, Laura’s camera guy gets footage of Andres hustling Raquel into his car. Laura does her usual speculating–the only real “news” is Santiago’s arrest.
  • Andres gets Raquel home, where she’s still insisting that Santiago didn’t kidnap her. Cintia tells Andres his aunt was there earlier to try to take the (adult or nearly adult) kids. She asks him to keep Miriam away.
  • Antonio pulls Santiago into his office with Godoy and Alina before the judge arrives. Santiago explains he didn’t kidnap Raquel and he also swears he hadn’t seen the gun from the time he inherited it to when Raquel found it in the drawer with Benja’s clothes. Alina argues the gun could have been stolen. Santiago says the night Carolina was killed he had dinner with Nacho and then went home, but he didn’t see the kids and he doesn’t know if they heard him come in.
  • The judge can’t make it until tomorrow, so Santiago’s spending the night in jail. He has a chance to talk to Lola and Nico and neither of them can think of who would/could have taken the gun. He mentions to Nico that Juan has been bothering Lola again.
  • Raquel’s doctor thinks the best thing to do is put her into inpatient treatment, somewhere she can be isolated and have some peace and quiet. Cintia refuses–she knows what it’s like being locked up alone. Fede doesn’t buy that the only thing that’s wrong with his mom is “stress.” While the doctor hasn’t ruled that out, he does say she’s going to pull through this and they can help by spending time with her and giving her affection. (Can we add “keeping Miriam away and getting Mia to quit screaming”?)
  • Benja shakes his head “no” and drums on a plate. Oh, yeah, and Lola’s already sure this is how it’s going to be from now on, just her, Benja, and Nico.
  • Raquel’s still woozy from the drugs and Mia’s bugging her about “Why’d you go off with Santiago? What about my dad? Do you love him?” Raquel’s so out of it she asks Mia to tell Santiago to come over.
  • Rueda reminds Miriam and Andres that they still haven’t proved Santiago FIRED the gun. Miriam’s already living in her fantasy world where he did it, Raquel was his accomplice, and that’s why they ran off together.
  • Laura can’t get any case info out of Antonio. He pretty heavily implies that she might as well keep making stuff up like she always does. She asks if Fernando has moved on already. Antonio’s face: “AYFKM?”
  • Miriam brings a doctor and a notario over to Raquel’s to verify that Raquel’s in no condition to run the company. She’s going to hand it over to Andres. She wants Mia and Fede to move in with her, but they come downstairs and say they’re not leaving the house.
  • Lola’s worried about who’s going to take care of Benja while they’re all working. Nico comes up with the idea of hiring Florencia, Agustín’s cousin, who was taking care of him before.
  • Antonio doesn’t know how long Santiago’s going to be there, but he’s got a sandwich and bad coffee for him. He asks if Santiago really didn’t know the gun had been taken. They do another few rounds of “I swear I didn’t do it” “But the evidence!”
  • Nico and Bebo go over to Juan’s place to tell him to stay away from Lola. Juan thinks he should be telling Bebo, since Lola’s pregnant and Juan had “nothing” to do with it.
  • Rueda gives Miriam an update on the case, courtesy of Alina. They’re still checking out the fingerprints on the gun, but even if they don’t match Santiago’s he’s still got more incriminating evidence–Santiago got a huge loan from Damian and never paid it back.
  • Sammy’s over at Mia’s house again, this time visibly. He wants to help her keep Alina away from Nico. He overheard his dad talking to her and she’s working with Miriam to take Benja away from Santiago. He figures if she tells Nico that will sour him on Alina.
  • Raquel’s feeling better. She asks about Santi and Cintia says he’s still under arrest for suspicion of murder. Raquel refuses to believe he did it.
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