Caer En Tentación Friday 1/19/18 #65

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Character Notes
  • Iker – friend of Fede’s
Less than Three Years Ago
  • Florencia doesn’t know if she’s supposed to do something about Nico being in his room with Mia. Lola goes to knock on his door and Mia gripes at her for spying on her. She thinks Lola doesn’t want her to sleep with Nico because Lola “hates” her.
  • Andres brings over invoices and purchase orders for Caro to sign. She thinks the amounts are way out of line and refuses. Andres nastily brings up her affair with Damian, asking what it feels like to face her kids, calling her a slut, and screams at her to just sign.
  • Damian has roped Raquel in to help pressure Caro into accepting a car. They work on Santiago too, when they drop Benja off at home and meet Florencia. Raquel says it would be a company car.
  • Instead of going home because she has no official work to do, Florencia sticks around and cooks dinner for Santiago. When the Beckers and Caro arrive, they all make faces about it. Santi begs Florencia to stay and have dinner with the four of them. He wants to talk about making the partnership official, but Damian would rather not have any paperwork so they don’t have to pay taxes. (How is that legal? Was Damian embezzling too and he was just smarter than Andres about it?) Raquel would rather talk about Benjamin’s baptism.
  • Fernando calls Laura, but she still doesn’t want him to come home. Celia wants him to come over–she swears she saw a guy outside the safehouse. Really, she’s just after Fernando and he’s OK with that.
  • Mia complains about their parents not being home so they can spend time with Benja and Fede accuses her of being jealous of the baby. She certainly looks jealous when Fede’s friend Iker comes over.
  • As everyone disperses to take care of Benja and taking out the trash, Caro and Damian find themselves alone in the living room. He grabs her and wants to know if she still loves him. They get busted by Florencia.
  • Of course Raquel doesn’t know who killed Carolina, she just knows it wasn’t Santiago. She also knows the Alvarados weren’t after her family’s money. She suspects Miriam, Andres, or Vicente. She has this theory that maybe Carolina took the gun–she was acting strangely before she died. (Raquel seems like maybe she knows more than she’s saying.)
  • Mia and Nico’s argument turns into a screaming match, with each one saying the other’s father killed Caro. Afterwards, Mia feels stupid for arguing with Nico because she loves him. She doesn’t know why she behaves like this. Lola suggests she get away from her grandmother and not worry about their other set of parents sleeping together–it won’t last.
  • Alina tries to talk to Raquel about the loan, but she’s not feeling well and Cintia needs to get her home.
  • Raquel had given the factory workers multiple breaks, but the supervisor comes to harass Fede and his work friends. He says Raquel’s out and Miriam wants just one break. Miriam comes up to support the supervisor and expose Fede. Instead of coming to her office like she asked (ordered?) he quits.
  • Laura sees Fernando walking Cintia (and Raquel) out to the car and accuses him of sleeping with Cintia. Hey, she’s the one who broke up with him. Fernando admits that he did cheat on her, but she’s the one who had the miscarriage. He blames it on her ambition and reminds her he risked his job giving her information. And now he’s done. He doesn’t feel anything for her.
  • Andres complains about Miriam cutting back on breaks and embarrassing Fede. They need him on their side.
  • Luz comes over to confront Fede about being a Becker. She thinks he’s like his grandmother and uncle, manipulating people.
  • Santiago explains to Antonio how his and Damian’s business relationship worked. There was never any paperwork because they trusted each other. Santi needles Antonio about how the two of them used to trust each other and Antonio starts talking about getting someone to take the case from him. Santiago doesn’t want that. He apologizes.
  • When Laura hears that Antonio’s talking to Santiago, she makes a big deal out of him getting special treatment. She knows Antonio never wanted to see Santiago as a suspect. Fernando tells her she’s a crappy person. Laura threatens to tell everyone their “story” so they can see what a crappy person HE is.
  • Mia apologizes to Nico. She says her feelings for him screw with her head. She wants make-up sex, but Lola interrupts to say Alina’s there. Alina gives Lola and Nico an update on Santi. They both agree there was no “loan,” it was an investment, but there’s no paperwork to back it up. As Alina starts telling them the Beckers will taking advantage of anything they can to make Santi look bad, Mia wanders into the living room in Nico’s shirt. Nico and Lola try to get Mia to tell Alina about Santi and Damian’s partnership, but she insists she doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Mia gets dressed to leave and stomps out of the house. Alina doesn’t think they understand how serious this is. They need to stay away from the Becker family.
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