La Mujer del Vendaval #104

Hiss, hiss, ML pours her venomous lies into Ale’s ears, how Marce is all about the $$ and this is all a plot to get his, and poor little ML was just too scared to tell him before now, after all Marce can kick her to the curb anytime she wants and Ale might not even have believed her if she’d told him and he’d forgive Marce anything, right?

Meanwhile Marce is yelling to Alba about Severo being on the ranch and who’s idea was this anyway? Oh you know Timo and ML are conspiring against her all the time anyway. Marce goes to take the garbage out, but just as she’s bursting into Severo’s room telling him he has to go ML hears her yelling and runs to save her daddy, crying and shrieking about being thrown into the street and Marce is some kind of heartless monster. Ale comes along and watches and judges everything. Sagrario says we should let him stay because we’re better people than he is and Marcela should be a good Christian. Ale says since he’s an invalid they should let him stay for ML and Alba’s sake. Alba is all, no, man, I don’t want him here.

So the debate comes down to this: Alessandro, Sagrario and Maria Laura say Severo should stay and Alba and Marcela want him gone. Severo smiles his goofy/creepy smile of triumph and Sagrario notices, he’s still the same old Severo, even a stroke can’t change him.

Marcela and Alessandro go off alone to talk, they aren’t arguing but neither seems happy. He says she’s the boss and gives the orders and he’s not even sure his opinion matters. She says of course his opinion matters, she just wants to be sure he’s not being manipulated by ML, you know how she’s real manipulative.

He says, right, and I’m so easy to manipulate right?

No, that’s not it, look, his vote counts as much as anyone’s and if the majority want Severo to stay she’ll let him stay even though she thinks its the wrong choice she just wants to be sure he’s sure.

So it looks like Severo is staying, Ale says glaring at Marcela.

They go back to Severo’s room where Alba and ML are arguing and Marce announces he can stay, till he gets better or goes to jail, whichever comes first. Severo thinks to himself sardonically there’s no place like home. (what’s that saying? its the place where when you have to go there, they have to take you in?)

As soon as everyone else leaves ML drops her concerned act and tells Severo he better remember those pin #s or she’ll be the one hurting him, so think hard.


Timo and Eulogio discuss the possibility of Timo running away to Disneyland or Tibet or somewhere far away so Marcela can’t shoot him. Eulogio volunteers to run things for him while he’s gone, but Timo decides to man up and stay when he realizes he’d have to stop gettin paid while he’s gone.

Eulogio mentions the judge is back too, and not too happy about being sent on that trip/wild goose chase. Oh dear, says Timo, where is the gratitude, we sent him on a nice trip and paid his expenses and everything.

Said judge is talking w/Mateo’s lawyer about Timo’s underhanded doings and soon shows up at Timo’s place. They’re going to have a serious talk.
The judge isn’t happy about being sent to a meeting that didn’t exist. Timo says it did exist, it was just last month and Eulogio takes the blame for the mix up about the dates. We’re not corrupt, just incompetent. (Seriously?!? If that’s their best defense, they really, really need to be voted out. I mean, I, just, politics, man)

The judge wants them to know he believes in giving the suspect the benefit of the doubt, and he’s going to make sure the case is re-investigated thoroughly, and make his judgement based on proof and facts, and as part of finding those, Lencho is going to be called to testify, and if he doesn’t show the judge will have him arrested.


Ale pays one of the ranch kids to keep an eye on Demetrio’s grave and let him know if anyone, even Marcela goes there. Then he calls Nestor to see if the fake necklace is ready, he needs to put it in the grave, so Marce won’t know the jig is up. Nestor starts trying to say how stupid the marriage for revenge thing is and wouldn’t it be simpler to just get it all out in the open, but Ale won’t hear it. (am I putting words in Nestor’s mouth? A little bit, but I’m pretty sure that’s what he wanted to say)


In the kitchen Sagrario tells the gals she’s praying Severo can go back to jail for good soon. Alba says she should pray her some patience till then, and Marce says pray I don’t take the law and the shotgun into my own hands, seriously, if Severo so much as moves a finger to hurt any of her fam again, she’s gonna let him have it. Anyway they gotta get to town to talk to the lawyer. As Ale comes in he says he’s goin too.

Meanwhile the lawyer is talkin to Amadeo and Emiliano telling them how he talked to the judge and things are gonna get movin in the right direction in this case.


Lencho sings and plays one of his songs for Mauro’s record guy. Music guy likes it, but before they make a disc Lencho needs some polishing up, he’s got talent and charisma, he just needs some singing lessons, which the guy will set up for him and pay for. Lencho is enthusiastic and grateful to record guy and Mauro. Mauro helps him figure out a cover story for the time he’ll need away from Oct for the music lessons, they’ll tell her he’s going to the gym to work out and get him some abs.

Timo calls to tell Lencho he’s gonna have to come home and testify. Oh man he’s gonna miss his first singing lesson, also how is he gonna keep Oct out of this?


Nuria and Silvana stop by Cris’s office to tell him Nuria’s coming back to work. Not to bother him or crowd him, but just to get her career back on track. Cris is skeptical and unhappy about it but what can he do.


Nestor has called in an expert jewler to authenticate the necklace.
Its Gordo! He’s all slicked back and suited up and blingy but its him. He’s very obsequious and eager. Sil tells him too much about the necklace story, and he’ll have to examine the necklace in Nestor’s office, but they finally give him the box with the necklace in. Gordo’s eyes bout pop out of his head when he opens it and recognizes the necklace, but he doesn’t say anything about it.


Luc is visiting Val for some heavy petting, he wants more than that, but she keeps putting him off, her brother lives here and could walk in, he’d never approve of her being with a married man, people in town would recognize her, and his son lives nearby. Luc says he’d buy/rent her a love nest and anyway his son isn’t around. Oh you didn’t know? He came back early from his honeymoon, and she tells him the story of Mateo.

Anyway Luc wants her to meet him tonight at the hotel in San Jacinto.


Marce yells at the guards supposed to be watching Severo for doing a terrible job.

Rosa brings the shotgun for Marcela to take to town, for when she meets up with Timo. Ale and her fam talk her out of going into battle with Don T and Rosa takes the shotgun back.


Oct and Lencho discuss his upcoming testimony. Under no circumstances is he to tell anyone about her.


Gordo examines the necklace with his loupe and pronounces it genuine. What a relief. Sil and Nestor send Gordo down to the hotel cafe while they get his check. Obsequious!Gordo stumbles his way out of the office w/many thanks

Nestor says well they can relax now, the necklace is real at least. Sil says she won’t be able to relax while Ale is married to that woman and going on with the revenge marriage thing. Nestor thinks he’ll come to his senses and leave Marce soon. (after all how long can you keep up a revenge marriage for anyway?) Sil hopes so, but till then she’ll just have to back Luc’s plan to strip away all Ale’s power and keep him from getting any money. She has no choice. Nestor backs her decision even though he feels pretty bad doin Ale this way. Sil is just glad she’s got somebody to talk about all this with.


Marcela and co. get to the police station and learn from the lawyer that with the judge in town and things gettin done, Mateo might actually get out of jail tonight! Sagrario and the lawyer go to take Mateo the food she made him.

Ale thanks Emil with very poor grace and says he’ll take care of things from now on. Kthanks.

Hey, Emil is just helpin out cause he cares for everyone so much.

Yeah, Ale knows. Amadeo senses the danger in the air and takes Alba away to get pastries and coffee.

Emil asks Marcela to go so he and Ale can talk man to man. Marce doesn’t want them to argue, now’s not the time. Both guys insist they don’t want to argue either, though one of them says it much more convincingly than Alessandro.

Fine, Marcela leaves and Ale demands an explanation for Emil’s behaviour.

Emil insists he’s just been a good friend. Marce was desperate to be with her family and the stress could affect her health and permanently damage her eyes.

Sure, whatever, says Ale.

Hey dude, she loves you the least you can do is take care of her.

Hey! Don’t tell me what to do, you have no idea what’s going on, Ale snaps

Then tell me, Emil pleads

Val arrives and Marcela fills her in on what’s goin on.


At the cyber bakery Alba notices the many female customers/admirers Amadeo has. Amadeo gets nervous. He’s more nervous when Selma shows up and kisses him in front of everyone. Alba looks like she’s got a sudden headache.

Alba says she didn’t know Amadeo had a girlfriend, neither did we, pipe up all the female customers. Selma purrs, well it’s not official, but he’s given me several “Amadeo Specials” if you know what I mean. (Never having had an “Amadeo Special” I’m not sure what she does mean, but I don’t think she’s talking about coffee drinks)

No Alba doesn’t know, and she’s leaving now with her coffee and pastries and Amadeo needn’t bother coming with her. Goodbye!


Nisa is starting her classes today, she bids goodbye to Cami, then takes a call from Cuchi and puts off meeting with him, she’s too busy now. She hangs up and Gordo is right behind her (he’s stealthy for a big guy)
Gordo tells her how he got called in to authenticate a certain necklace today, and since he didn’t say anything about that one time she and Cuchi brought that same necklace to his shop to sell it, he thinks that makes them friends. Special, we’ve got a secret, friends.  Who hang out.


Ale pretends to Emil that he’s only acting weird toward Marcela because his dad is taking away all his power in the hotel and maybe firing him.

(Taking bets now that Marcela is gonna miss that shotgun and wish she’d brought it to town with her. Odds are 5/8 or whatever makes more sense)

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3 years ago

Gracias, stealth!

Yay, Gordo’s back! I mean…not that I like him, but it’s hilarious the way he thinks the necklace is following him around all the time.

“He says, right, and I’m so easy to manipulate right?” Well, um…you said it, Al, not me!

“We’re not corrupt, just incompetent. (Seriously?!? If that’s their best defense, they really, really need to be voted out. I mean, I, just, politics, man)” WORD!

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
3 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

That’s the thing, Al really is easy to manipulate! Or maybe Maria Laura is really that good? But she’s telling him all this stuff and then right after she has this great chance to make Marcela look ungenerous to say the least.
Gordo, yeah. He’s not exactly likeable but he’s fun to watch. I was happy to see him again too.

3 years ago

Maria Laura has the “mosca muerta” act down, but if Al weren’t so upset at Marcela, I don’t think she could pull this off. It’s some combination of her luck and skill, his stupidity and stubbornness, and the timing. Although the timing is also partly due to his stupidity and stubbornness.