Sangre De Mi Tierra #5

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“Lección en la cárcel”
What happened this episode?
  • The way things have been going lately, the Montiels won’t have enough grapes to meet all their orders, and there’s not enough money to buy some from other suppliers.
  • Susan announces to the family that Juanjo’s biggest enemy in prison has been taken care of.
  • Leo’s girlfriend, Sofia, is three days late. Yes, that kind of late, Leo. His mom didn’t know he was having sleepovers.
  • Sofia noticed that Crisanto keeps calling Leo “Emilio.” Leo says his dad’s still grieving. Which is also why he hasn’t told him that he’s not really interested in following in Emilio’s footsteps.
  • The family comes by to visit Juanjo on his birthday. They brought a cake that nearly ends up getting confiscated by the guards and grandpa brings him a rock that Juanjo doesn’t explain the significance of.
  • Aurora goes home, since Juanjo’s safe. She gets her mom to call Roberto and invite him over for dinner. He shows up, but he ignores Aurora. Meche and Serena both think she had that coming.
  • Paco watches porn on his laptop. Natalia tells Susan, who thinks it’s funny–doesn’t everyone watch porn? She thinks it’s a good way to keep the relationship fresh. She thinks Natalia should give it a try.
  • Paloma and Jordan are looking after his cousin’s burger place for a few days while he’s out of town. Paloma gets into an argument with a cranky customer. Still, by the end of the week, she thinks they’ll have enough to pay their fines…unfortunately, they also have credit card bills and they’re out of savings.
  • Aurora is still trying to get Roberto to talk to her, but he gets angry at her calling him “immature.” He screams at her that he’s going to be as mature as Juanjo–drinking, doing drugs, and killing one of her siblings–and maybe then she’ll like him. Aurora tells him to go somewhere bleeped.
  • Crisanto takes Leo’s phone away after he nearly crashes the car. When Crisanto calls him “Emilio” Leo finally snaps and says he’s not Emilio and he doesn’t want to be. He hates wine and he’s tired of his dad giving him orders all day. He misses the days when Crisanto ignored him because Emilio was the only one who mattered to him.
  • Kimberly is back at the warehouse, this time with a potential client for the Montiels. Natalia asks Luis to print an order form off her laptop…which she had just been using to watch porn.
  • Sofia’s not pregnant. And there was much rejoicing.
  • Roberto apologizes to Aurora. He manages to work in some whining about being jealous. He reminds her they were together for two years–weren’t they happy? Aurora says they were, but she doesn’t want to get back together. They agree to be “friends” which to Roberto means watching movies and eating popcorn and slipping in reminders about when they used to be together.
  • At home, Paco laughs about Natalia watching porn and blaming it on a virus. She confronts him about watching porn himself. He admits he was checking to see if the equipment was still working. He’s gone to a doctor and gotten some Viagra. Natalia got some lingerie. They don’t realize until after that he didn’t take the pill. She jokes about keeping them in case of emergency.
  • Paloma’s upset that Jordan is planning to sell off his artwork at a flea market. She pulls out her camera and tells him to sell that too. They’re not managing to sell much. The cranky customer from the burger place tries to buy the camera for $50 and Paloma decides she’s not selling it to anyone.
  • Aurora wants to create a wine that’s as easy for people as beer–just grab a bottle and drink it. Crisanto complains about the cost, but Aurora’s sure this will work out.
  • Roberto talks to one of the Montiel’s clients about working for him directly. He announces to Aurora that he’s leaving Napa.
  • Smith, the guard, checks out Ivan’s stash, but it’s gone. Juanjo relocated everything to the chapel. He’s starting to take over Ivan’s position. Ivan’s old buddies don’t like it. They attack Juanjo in his cell, but he fights them off. Smith keeps trying to find the stash, but he’s having no luck.
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