Sangre De Mi Tierra #6

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What happened this episode?
  • Juanjo has “hired” all the guys who were in the other gang to work for him. They’ll get paid once a month and they’re not to get into any fights unless the other group starts them. Smith is still obsessed with busting him, but the only thing he can find on Juanjo with is a packet of gum.
  • Paloma and Jordan fall asleep at their table and someone steals her camera. At the burger place later, they see the cranky customer out on the sidewalk with it. A fight breaks out. When the cops show up, cranky customer has a pawn shop receipt for it and they’re inclined to believe him. Jordan’s cousin fires them for messing up his place.
  • Roberto tells Aurora about his great new job in Argentina. She’s happy for him. He admits he’s partly taking it to get away from her. When that doesn’t have the desired effect, he tells Crisanto he’s leaving and why. Crisanto doesn’t ask him to stay either. Next stop is Natalia, who understands it’s a good opportunity for him and says the doors are always open if he wants to come back. Roberto’s leaving his orchids for Meche to take care of.
  • Joaquin tells Aurora he delivered the crystal she sent to Juancho. He tries to convince her she’s safer away from Juancho, but he does love her.
  • Crisanto cancels Aurora’s project for sparkling wine (wine coolers?) in six packs because he thinks it’s too much of a risk. He’s decided he wants her at the wine store when they reopen it. She complains to Serena about selling wine all day–which is Serena’s job–but she understands, Aurora didn’t go to college for six years to talk to tourists all day.
  • Juancho refuses to see Aurora when she visits the prison. Which seems at least slightly related to her going over to Roberto’s with a bottle of wine and tacos later to ask if his new boss still needs an oenologist. He’s hesitant to recommend her and have her leave them in the lurch. She tells him she’s done with her pending business and she wants to go to Argentina. Unfortunately for Roberto, they’ve already hired another oenologist. He asks Paco to help talk up Aurora.
  • Smith attacks Juanjo in his cell with a taser and Juancho tells him the drugs and money are in the chapel. He didn’t say where, so Smith still has to search…and all he finds are crumpled pieces of paper and a baggie of white powder that’s not cocaine. Meanwhile, Susan sees the video on her phone of Smith’s attack (he had a phone taped to the ceiling) and him telling Juancho he runs “the business.” Susan goes over to the prison, where Smith is dunking Juancho’s head in a bucket of water to try to get him to talk. Juancho’s new hench calls Susan and tells her where to find Juancho and Smith. In the infirmary later, Susan asks Juancho to tell her everything about Smith and what’s happened since he’s been in prison. Smith thinks he pass it all off as “trying to stop the drug trade” but Susan shows him the video where he clearly says the opposite. Juancho gets moved to a nicer prison with white-collar criminals.
  • Aurora gets a chance to pitch herself to Roberto’s new boss the next morning. She squirts him with a water hose, then has him taste the award-winning blend. She talks about having more freedom to try new things in Napa. He suggests she’d have that freedom at his winery too, along with good pay and good treatment. He did offer the job to someone else already, so he’s going to need to think about which one of them is right for it. Meche hates the idea of Aurora going to Argentina. Crisanto is playing the “Why bother saying anything when you’re going to do what you want anyway,” card. Aurora gets the job and signs a one year contract.
  • Jordan gets another job right away, but Paloma has no luck.
  • Juanjo calls Aurora in the middle of her celebratory dinner with Roberto. He doesn’t talk, but she tells him she’s leaving.
  • In parallel scenes, Juancho and his hench get transferred to country club prison while Roberto and Aurora leave for Argentina.
A year and a half passes
  • Kimberly approaches Crisanto at a bar and turns on the charm.
  • Serena, her brother, and Leo are putting up a Christmas tree. Meche can’t help thinking of Emilio trying to untangle the lights and saying they’d have to buy new ones. And then Leo says the same thing to her. It’s too much for Meche and she runs upstairs.
  • Crisanto has planned a trip to Argentina for Christmas, to surprise Aurora. She plans to go to Napa and surprise her parents.
  • It’s time for Juancho’s parole hearing. He tells the board he doesn’t think he’s ready to leave and says it’s up to them. (Did they steal that speech from The Shawshank Redemption?)
Potentially important?
  • Mendoza, the place in Argentina where Roberto and Aurora would be going, is nowhere near Ushuaia.
  • Cuadrados (what Aurora says the Europeans are) – square (in the figurative sense? Set in their ways?)
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