Caer En Tentación Monday 1/22/18 #66

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Less than Three Years Ago
  • Raquel feels bad about saying anything to Caro about Florencia. She apologizes the next day when Caro drops the baby off, but Caro tells her not to sweat it. It spiced up her night with Santiago. (Damian’s sitting right there when she says it.)
  • When Damian drops Caro off at the catering office, he gives her a hard time about sleeping with her husband. He scoffs at the idea that Santi would “dare” cheat on her with Florencia. (Because now apparently cheating is a sign of bravery?) The only solution Caro sees is for her and Damian to stop seeing each other.
  • Mia sees Fede in bed with a boy and her mom hanging out with Benja and heads for her box of cutting supplies. Before she can do anything, she hears Raquel shouting for help–Benja’s not breathing. She called the doctor, recognizing the symptoms of “falso crup” (laryngitis) from when Fede was a baby. When Caro and Damian arrive, Mia confronts her father about being with Caro. Caro is angry that Raquel didn’t call her first and doesn’t listen to Raquel’s repeated insistence that she went through this with Fede and knew what to do.
  • Caro blames Raquel for not being able to take care of herself, let alone a baby. She blames Santiago for always coming up with some way to excuse Raquel and for giving Florencia the morning off.
  • Mia sees Fede walking his friend to the door and asks if they slept together. Fede doesn’t answer.
  • Raquel’s upset at the way Caro talked to her. Mia tells Fede they have to do something about Caro. She channels her grandmother, saying she can’t understand why her parents care so much about a family of poor people.
  • Caro’s pediatrician confirms what Raquel’s doctor said and says Benja had just the right treatment. Caro wants to apologize to Raquel, but she’s worried Raquel won’t accept.
  • Lola’s been avoiding Patricia since the trip. Patricia wants to talk about the two of them sleeping together, but Lola’s more worried about the woman who died. Patricia calls Lola an accomplice, but Lola reminds her that Patricia’s the one who prevented her from calling an ambulance. Patricia explains that was to protect Lola from Miguel. If Patricia had let her call, Lola would be dead now.
  • Caro comes over to apologize, but Raquel’s still hurt. She accepts the apology, but she’s releasing Caro from her promise to make Raquel the baby’s godmother.
  • The kids listen in as Damian and Raquel argue. Raquel’s pissed off that Damian’s taking Carolina’s “side.” Mia decides it’s all Caro’s fault. Fede tells her to stay out of it. Whatever Mia’s planning, Fede wants nothing to do with it. She starts taunting him about being gay and not wanting their dad to find out. I’m with Fede: “What a great sister you are, huh?”
  • At Casa Alvarado there’s a similar argument going on. Caro’s angry that Santi’s taking Raquel’s side.
  • Abel tells Santiago that Alina used to work for Rueda and she was sleeping with him.
  • Jovita tells Raquel they’re having cash flow problems again.
  • Florencia shows up to help with Benja. She asks if Lola and Nico talked to Santi about calling her. She knew about Caro and Damian–she quit taking care of Benja so she wouldn’t see Santi suffer.
  • Miriam comes over to take temporary custody of Benja, per a judge’s orders. Someone calls to tell Raquel. Antonio brings Santi into his office to tell him and a couple of officers have to come in and subdue him after he hears. Antonio begs him to stay calm and think. Maybe he’ll remember something that happened in the last few days with Caro that will help them figure out what happened.
  • Raquel begs Mia to talk to her grandmother and get her to give Benja back.
  • After a brief shouting match, Lola and Nico start packing Benja’s stuff. Nico starts talking about taking Benja and sneaking out the bedroom window. Their argument is loud enough to hear from the living room and Miriam starts pushing for them to hurry up and hand over the kid. Rueda seems to be taking this personally, screaming at the guy from the court to call the cops. The guy from the court tries explaining to them that, you know, Benja’s a human being and his siblings are understandably having a difficult time with this. Florencia snaps at them that they don’t need the cops. She’ll go get him. In the bedroom, she tells Nico and Lola they’re talking cops out there. The court guy comes in and says they have to go. As Florencia carries him out, Benja waves goodbye to Lola and Nico and it’s THE SADDEST THING EVER!
  • Alina tries to get in and see Santiago. She’s concerned about him being a danger to himself after getting this news, but Antonio and Godoy won’t allow it. The most she can do is remind them that if anything happens to Santi, they’re responsible.
  • Santi’s desperate to get out of jail. Abel offers to help him, but it’s going to take a lot of money.
  • Rueda’s furious at Sammy for telling Mia that he made a deal with Alina. It was all a trap, so he could accuse her of a crime and get her license taken away. (But his part in this was also a crime, so I guess it depends on who made the first accusation.)
  • Fede promises Nico he’ll help him get Benja back, he just doesn’t know how. They try searching Damian’s office for the partnership paperwork. At least that would remove his alleged motive for wanting to kill Damian. Andres interrupts them, insults Nico’s parents, and Nico slugs him.
  • Juan comes to the house while Lola’s alone and starts hitting her and demanding to know if it’s true that she “cheated” on him and now she’s having that guy’s baby.
  • Miriam is having one of her housekeeping staff take care of the baby ’cause she’s too heartless…uh, too old…to be dealing with a baby. Raquel comes over and says she’s taking Benja one way or another.
  • When Alina gets in to see Santi, he asks if she used to work with Rueda. Alina admits she did and that’s how she knows that he and Miriam are pulling strings. Rueda even offered her money and a position at a law firm in the US. She agreed, but she did it so she’d know what they were up to. If Santi doesn’t trust her, he can get another lawyer. Santi declines, but he does want a favor–money. Alina is instantly suspicious.
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