Caer En Tentación Tuesday 1/23/18 #67

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Less than Three Years Ago
  • Carolina gets a “mysterious” call from someone who says they know what she’s doing.
  • Raquel is still upset and wants to dissolve her partnership with Caro. She tells Damian to take care of the catering business so she doesn’t have to see Caro again.
  • Lola has started college, but she can’t get away from Patricia–all her new friends are friends of Patricia’s.
  • Damian tries to convince Caro to make up with Raquel. Santiago tries to convince Raquel to make up with Caro. As much as Raquel likes having Santi as a friend, she wants nothing to do with Caro. Damian suggests/threatens to tell all to end this being an affair. He’s willing to start over with Caro.
  • Mia tries asking Nico what’s up with Fede, but Nico has no idea what she’s talking about. Mia goes off in a huff and Fede shows up. He assumes Mia was there asking questions and now Nico’s going to ask him questions and he just wants the two of them to leave him alone!
  • Celia gets away from her guards and goes down to the studio to tell Laura she wants to make an accusation of harassment against the officer who’s supposed to be guarding her.
  • Santi seems a little creeped out about Florencia cooking for him and asks her to just focus on Benja. Still, he’s not so creeped out that he doesn’t ask her opinion on a bracelet he bought Caro or ask her to try it on because he thinks their wrists are the same size. Caro walks in on this and asks if she’s interrupting something.
  • When Santi won’t tell her what the money is for, Alina refuses to help him. She swears she’ll get him out and if she fails she’ll give him the money herself. Abel warns Santi that if he’s not going to try to get out now, Abel won’t help him later.
  • Raquel threatens to make public Miriam’s abuse of Damian if she doesn’t return Benjamin to his family. Miriam’s so upset she starts screaming at everyone to leave her alone. That includes Mia, who comes over mid-tantrum and tries to get her to explain what happened.
  • Bebo shows up at Lola’s, pulls Juan away from her, and decks him. When Juan says he hopes their baby dies, Bebo says it’s Juan’s baby. He doesn’t know why he said it. Lola says Juan’s always been like that, but she thought she loved him.
  • Andres has security throw Nico out once he’s had a chance to return the punch. Fede goes with him. Nico calls Alina, but Rueda’s in her office. He already knows what happened and says Nico’s going to be joining his father in jail. Alina asks him to drop the charges as a gesture, if he’s serious about her working for him. Sure, she’ll take the deal, but Miriam better pay in cash.
  • Raquel doubts she’s really up to taking on Miriam. She doesn’t care about anything but getting Benja and Santiago back.
  • Vicente’s gambling away all his money and trying to borrow more. His customary lender wants to know what he’s blackmailing the Beckers with. Yeah, he knows all about that since Vicente’s a talkative drunk.
  • Nacho wants himself and Bebo to focus on the construction company so Santiago can get the money he needs. They’ve finally been able to pay their employees.
  • The boys go over to Fede’s and tell Raquel what happened. She keeps trying to impress on them that violence isn’t the answer, but given that it’s Andres, it sounds kind of half-hearted. Raquel says she can testify that Damian and Santiago were business partners. When Nico calls Alina to tell her, she warns him not to go home–Andres pressed charges and they’ll look for him there. Alina seems alarmed that Raquel can testify about the partnership. Nico calls Lola so she doesn’t hear it from someone else.
  • A distraught Miriam begs Rueda to do whatever he can to keep Raquel from “defaming” her. She’s even willing to give Benjamin back. Rueda insists he not only has to stay, she needs to build a good relationship with him (unintentionally, that was the biggest laugh of the episode). He suggests they have Laura spill some dirt about Raquel. Alina calls and, yes, he got the charges against Nico dropped. As for her money…he’s working on it.
  • Alina lies to Nico, telling him the charges weren’t dropped and he should go hide out at her apartment instead of at Fede’s.
  • Mia wants to know what Raquel told Miriam to get her so upset. Raquel says she knows Mia supports her grandmother, but Miriam is pretending to be something she’s not. She really hurt Damian. Mia has finally figured out that Miriam doesn’t care about anyone but herself, and certainly not Benja. She’s going to help Raquel get him back.
  • Lola is sweating and having body aches, but she tries to convince Bebo that she needs to see her dad. Bebo thinks she needs to see a doctor.
  • Fernando has had enough of Laura. She keeps threatening to press charges, so he gives her his phone and tells her to go ahead. Or would she rather he kill her and shoot himself?
  • Mia sees Nico leaving the house and accuses him of still having a relationship with Alina.
  • Raquel goes to the police station and explains to Antonio about the partnership between Damian and Santiago. Damian was the one who didn’t want it to be formal. He did get paid, but he reinvested the money in the current project and wouldn’t have been due another payment until the houses get sold. She assures Antonio she wouldn’t be defending Santiago if she weren’t “sure” he was innocent. She’s the person most interested in finding out who put her husband in a coma.
  • Nico makes it to Alina’s, where she’s quick to demand sex as her payment for defending Santiago.
  • Raquel visits Santiago in his cell. Abel also gets a visit. As Abel starts choking her, Santi sees a bracelet on her wrist that reminds them of the one he gave Caro. He grabs Abel’s visitor and starts screaming at Raquel that she has Caro’s bracelet. The guards pull her away and start trying to subdue Abel. Santi gets his forearm around Abel’s neck and asks if he had anything to do with Carolina’s death.
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