Caer En Tentación Wednesday 1/24/18 #68

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Less than Three Years Ago
  • Santiago explains Florencia was helping him with a surprise for Caro that’s not a surprise anymore. He had her name and their wedding date inscribed on the back of the charm. Caro gets all weepy over it later.
  • Raquel’s still upset at Caro and Damian. Her doctor suggests that Caro’s reaction might have more to do with her own guilt than anything to do with Raquel.
  • As soon as Laura hears Celia’s name, she starts saying there’s nothing she can do. Celia keeps talking about things she’s had to do so the police would keep protecting her. When Laura says she can’t help, Celia accuses Laura of trying to protect her husband
  • Mia and Julieta check the catering office and Carolina’s not there. She calls her dad, who’s at home, insisting on knowing who he’s with, where he is, what time he got there. Even Julieta thinks she needs to cool it.
  • Patricia finds Lola on campus to tell her the police are still investigating what happened on the class trip. “They” asked Patricia to make sure Lola knew to keep her mouth shut.
  • Agustín brings paperwork over for Santiago. He thinks Florencia’s acting weird. She tells him about the bracelet, but she says nothing happened between her and Santi. Agustín double checks that with Santi.
  • Caro gets another mystery call from someone who knows all her secrets. She calls Damian to tell him.
  • Mia makes a big deal out of telling Raquel if her friend had done to her what Caro did to Raquel, she’d react the same way.
  • Raquel chases Abel’s wife down and tells Antonio not to let her go–she’s wearing Carolina’s bracelet. Antonio asks to see the bracelet, which has had the inscription rubbed off.
  • Post-sex, Alina says she’s fallen in love with Nico, despite her efforts not to.
  • The doctor Bebo takes Lola to see is concerned about her bruises. He suggests she press charges against Juan. The baby’s looking good on the ultrasound.
  • Laura doesn’t want a divorce, but Fernando still does.
  • Cintia takes over the catering office. According to an employee they’ve had no problems with utilities or providers–everything’s been paid for. Andres sees her and starts in on the verbal put-downs. Cintia insists she’s going to take care of things whether he likes it or not.
  • Alina’s unpleasantly surprised to find Raquel at the police station and tries to get rid of her. Raquel says her “place” is wherever Santiago is.
  • Mia goes to the office to interrogate Luz about Fede. She threatens to fire Luz if she won’t answer her questions. Fede interrupts and tells Luz she can go. Mia thinks she has a right to know if Fede’s gay or not. What Fede is is sick of is the way she looks for the worst in everything–that’s why she’s going to end up alone, she’s horrible inside and out.
  • Raquel goes over to Santi’s house to see if the bracelet is in Caro’s jewelry box. And it is. Which supports what Abel told Antonio–he did steal the bracelet his wife was wearing and that’s why the inscription was rubbed off, but it wasn’t Carolina’s bracelet. Santi feels bad, but he really did think it was Caro’s bracelet.
  • Mia was really stopping by the office to ask Andres to drop the charges against Nico. Which he already did.
  • Raquel and Alina have another face off at the station. Alina reminds Raquel that SHE is in charge of Santi’s defense, so if anything else happens, Raquel should call her, TYVM. Well, she’s going to need to present Raquel’s testimony as evidence, right? Raquel suggests they do that now and get it out of the way?
  • Mia comes over to tell Nico that Andres dropped the charges. He doesn’t seem enthusiastic about leaving.
  • Bebo thinks Lola needs to have the baby, but Lola doesn’t see how she’s supposed to do that. What does she tell the kid? That his father used to hit her? She doesn’t want to end up like Lisa, hiding out from Vicente. Bebo’s sure she’ll regret it later if she has an abortion.
  • The police are done reviewing the company financials. Someone has one of Damian’s credit cards and it’s been used since the accident.
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