Caer En Tentación Thursday 1/25/18 #69

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Less than Three Years Ago
  • Laura tells Fernando about Celia’s accusations. She’s afraid if she doesn’t seduce her guards, they’ll drop her protection. Fernando agrees they’re going to drop it, but he can’t figure out what she gets out of accusing them. Laura wonders if Fernando’s the person Celia was talking about.
  • Mia mocks Raquel for not realizing that Caro’s a bad person and she’s after everything Raquel has. Mia wants to be able to form her own opinions about things. Raquel wants to resolve her own problems. For a start she asks Damian if he’d be capable of cheating on her. And he says he never would. Raquel doesn’t believe him–he’s been weird since the first time he left. She thinks he’s just sticking around because he’s worried she’ll have a breakdown again. Damian tells her not to make up stories in her head. She’s amazing and sometimes it makes him think she’s too much woman for him.
  • Santi confesses to Caro that he saw Raquel today to talk to her about making up with Caro. He thought she seemed weird, like it wasn’t just the fight that she was upset about. Caro insists she has no idea what else could be bothering Raquel. This is just the way she is–sometimes she likes them, sometimes she doesn’t.
  • So, um…yeah, Godoy was sleeping with Celia.
  • Mia whines to Fede about how she’s so alone and ever since they met the Alvarados they’re not as close as they were. Fede says that’s on her, because she’s being a jerk about him not knowing if he’s gay and instead of supporting him she’s mocking him. He loves her, but she can’t love anyone. After he’s left, Mia says she loves him.
  • Santi reassures Nico that all couples fight. He adjusted to Caro having a job and now they have more money coming in and that’s going to take some adjusting to as well.
  • Raquel beings up the “too much woman” comment to Jovita. Jovita agrees with Damian–Raquel is special. There’s no one like her.
  • Caro gets Damian to meet her somewhere public. She wants to know what’s going on with Raquel–does she know about them. Damian thinks she might, but she didn’t exactly say so. He told Raquel she’s not an easy woman to keep happy. It’s different with Caro–he’s in love with her. Caro thinks he just wants her for sex and it makes her wish they’d never met. They agree that it’s important Raquel not find out about them. Caro’s ready to end it (again).
  • Antonio’s current theory: Someone threw a rock at the car Damian and Caro were in to make them stop. The used Santiago’s father’s gun to shoot Caro and took Damian’s credit card. But he doesn’t think theft was the motive.
  • Antonio asks Santi to play it cool until the judge gives the order to release him.
  • Nico doesn’t know if he believes Mia or not.
  • Raquel checks over the typed copy of her statement in Alina’s office and agrees it’s correct. Raquel wants to have coffee and a chat about Alina’s relationship with Nico. Alina comes back with “your husband is still alive and you’re dating.” So they’re the same–in love with men it’s not a good idea to love.
  • Bebo’s willing to take responsibility for the baby because he loves Lola. They kiss so tenderly, I find myself hoping they make it.
  • Miriam calls to tell Lola they can visit Benja any time they want to. She gives Lola her address.
  • Nico gets home and explains that Alina lied about Andres pressing charges. Bebo’s confused–the only thing he knows about Alina is she got him out of jail and she’s a very upright person. Maybe there was a reason for what she did?
  • Miriam’s only playing nice on Rueda’s advice, so she’ll look good for the family court judge. He thinks they should let Raquel say whatever she wants and sue her later for defamation. Miriam doesn’t think it will be so easy, considering what Raquel’s accusing her of that she doesn’t look like she wants to tell Rueda about.
  • Santi and Godoy go another ten rounds of “I didn’t do it,” “Hey, man I’m impartial (but I totally think you did it.)”
  • Someone’s been using Damian’s credit cards to furnish a house, but they didn’t have anything delivered.
  • Luz asks Fede out for a drink.
  • Raquel comes over to Santi’s and gives Nico, Lola, and Bebo the latest updates on the case. While she’s there, Antonio calls to say they’re getting pictures of the person who has the credit card. Unfortunately, according to Trevilla, he’s striking out with all the businesses–they either don’t have cameras or they’ve already ditched their recordings. There’s ONE store that is emailing pictures over.
  • Lola tells Raquel about Juan’s visit and seeing the baby on the ultrasound monitor. She’s decided she wants to have the baby. Raquel insists she press charges against Juan, which Lola says she’s willing to do, but not until her dad’s free. She doesn’t want him hearing about this from anyone else, aka Antonio.
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