Caer En Tentación Friday 1/26/18 #70

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Less than Three Years Ago
  • No, seriously, Damian–Caro wants to break up. For real.
  • Agustín keeps telling Florencia he knows what she’s like and everyone can tell she’s into Santiago. He takes his concerns to Nacho. Santi arrives, talking about Benja waking them up at 3am, but he’s so glad Florencia’s working for them…she makes great chilaquiles, she’s warm and caring, etc. Now Nacho’s worried.
  • Mia’s acting like it’s a huge problem that Fede hasn’t figured out his sexuality yet. Nico offers to talk to him, but he says she needs to calm down. Whether Fede’s gay or not has nothing to do with her. She should support him either way, right?
  • Miguel runs into Lola at the office and asks if she got the message from Patricia to keep her mouth shut. Andres sees them talking and pulls Lola into his office to ask her why Miguel’s so worried. Lola swears she doesn’t know. Damian interrupts the interrogation to warn Andres AGAIN to leave Lola alone. Because the show insists on messing with us, Andres points his hand at Damian as he’s leaving, as if her were firing a gun.
  • Fernando confesses to Antonio that he slept with Celia. He thinks she’s using him, but she’s already gone to Laura to tell her she was harassed.
  • Caro gets home after her 573rd attempted breakup to find Raquel waiting for her.
  • Vicente hits up Andres for more money. And BTW his loan shark knows stuff…Vicente talks when he’s drunk. He might have talked about Andres’ “business,” or…. And Andres can’t get rid of him because a friend has a letter detailing everything. Andres wants Vicente to point out the guy threatening him and his people will take care of him.
  • Santiago’s getting out on bail. Alina’s taking care of paying it. Raquel rats Alina out, but Santiago already knows what she’s been doing and that it’s part of her strategy. Raquel’s not buying it.
  • Nico comes over to visit Benja. Miriam pretends to be human. Alina shows up. Alone with Alina, Nico asks why she lied to him. Alina goes to talk to Miriam rather than answer. Miriam’s not happy to hear that Santiago is getting out on bail.
  • Lola calls Juan to tell him it’s HER baby and she’s going to press charges. He swears she’ll be sorry if she presses charges. He’ll kill her. Bebo thinks he can protect her. Raquel talks to Antonio about Juan. She wants to press charges, but Lola will have to confirm the charges. Raquel’s sure she will, but for now she wants to stop Juan.
  • Cintia’s still at the catering office, working on the financials. Laura comes in to ask if she’s sleeping with Fernando or not, at top volume. She doesn’t believe it when Cintia says there’s nothing going on between them. See, Fernando just left her, so it HAS to be for Cintia.
  • Andres calls Miguel to ask him for a “favor.”
  • Trevilla and Fernando review the security footage from a furniture store where Damian’s card was used. There’s a clear picture of the woman, but the man with her is wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses. They know the couple bought gas in Valle. Fernando suspects Vicente, but it’s definitely not Vicente in the picture.
  • Alina admits to Nico that she’s only sticking close to Miriam so she’ll know what Miriam is planning. As for telling him Andres pressed charges…she wanted him to herself. Looks like her charms no longer work on Nico.
  • Fede has decided to keep working at the company, but in the administrative area. And he wants to take Luz out for a drink. She rips off the BandAid–she has a four year old son. To her surprise Fede offers to come with her to pick him up.
  • Another round of tests for Damian isn’t showing any changes. Some of his organs are failing and the doctor only expects it to get worse. He doesn’t think Damian’s going to come out of the coma, but there’s a 40% probability he could be wrong about that. Miriam and Raquel (but really, just Raquel) need to decide whether they’re going to prolong his life by artificial means.
  • Nico doesn’t blame Mia for telling him about Alina. He hates Alina. Mia wants to know if Nico loves her and he’d like to know the same. But how can she love him if she hates his father and his family? Mia knows she made a mistake with her grandma, but she can’t support her mom and Santi’s relationship.
  • Raquel asks Damian to give her a sign. If he wants to be with Caro, ok, but there’s a lot of things only he can resolve. He’s the only one who knows who killed Caro. Does he want to stay and help them figure it out or go?
  • Alina tells Santi she’s taken care of posting bail. She doesn’t want him to worry about paying her back–she just wants him to tell Nico about her strategy. She’s in love with Nico.
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