La Mujer del Vendaval #106

Emi’s place

Sorry, bro, but Valeria’s determined to move out. It’s nothing personal, they’re just grown ups and they each need their own space.

Nisa y sus dos pretendientes

Nisa didn’t realize how many classes she still had to take to finish her degree. Surprise–Cuchi’s on campus! He’s making free with the smoochies and suggests a nice bubble bath at his place.

Nisa would rather talk. For example, about Gordo’s reappearance? Oh yeah, Cuchi knows he went to the hotel. But no worries, Gordo knows if he opens his mouth about that necklace, they’re all going down. He gets back to the necking while Nisa looks not entirely convinced.

Camilo asks Inés if she’s seen Nisa. She covers for her, of course. I’m distracted by Camilo’s uniform, which looks nothing like the uniforms any of the other men are wearing because his is painted on and half unzipped.

Camilo calls her and Nisa answers her phone, pretending she’s talking to her dad. Whoops, she’s gotta go. She escapes Cuchi’s clutches.


As if Nuria hasn’t already done enough, she just finished reviewing some contracts Cristian prepared and found mistakes. He wants to ignore her, but…lawyer. He says he’ll check them out later.

Cris calls the hacienda to talk to Alba. He’s pleasantly surprised when Rosa says she and Amadeo had a fight.

Cris is trying to finish up the contracts before the end of the month so he can take some vacation time. Silvana hopes this isn’t to get away from Nuria. That would be childish of him. Uh, like it wasn’t childish for her to chase him down?

Silvana insists Nuria’s just trying to get back to her life and her job. She bets he’s going to go vacation in San Bartolo. She doesn’t buy his “I’m just friends with Alba” routine. Fine, fine, if he wants to go…she hopes he doesn’t end up leaving “more” (Nuria) for “less” (Alba).

Silvana tells Nuria about Cris’ plans and comforts her.


Mauro asks Inés out for coffee, but she’s noticed he only asks her out when Octavia’s gone. So, no.

Mauro goes to Luisito’s fútbol game. One of the other dads gives him a hard time for FINALLY showing up, thinking he’s Luisito’s father. It doesn’t help when Luisito calls him “Mauro” instead of “Dad.”


Al’s talking about clearing away some land. Marcela complains there’s no money for that. What she made on the harvest is for paying down their debt. She laughs at the idea that she has some ace up her sleeve (un as bajo la manga–which I always think sounds more like a donkey with a mango on top). Marcela says all she has to work with is time and luck.

Al decides he wants to review the payments she received. Not that he doesn’t trust her…he just wants to know how much money they have to work with.

Marcela asks Alba about her beef with Amadeo. Hey, it’s not that Alba cares that he has a girlfriend, but he can do better than Salma. Uh huh…but if they’re just friends, shouldn’t Alba be happy for him? Marcela says she’s been waiting for a guy on a horse and she let the one who’s on foot get away.

Luc and Val

Val finally shows up at Luc’s hotel. He dispenses with the interrogation about how Al and Mar are doing and goes straight to eating her face.

Post sex, Luc says he feels 20 years younger. He’s addicted to her. Days without her are eternal.

Val doesn’t take that in a positive way. They both know he has no intention of leaving Silvana even though he’s not with her for “love.” Val points out the double-standard. When she was doing that she was told it made her a shameless hussy. But guys are allowed to be insensitive.

Hey, Luc’s just not willing to part with half his worldly goods. Val crowns Luc the world champion of insensitive dudes.

Anyway, Silvana’s busy with the hotel and the kids, and she’s in a good mood now that her necklace is back. Val hadn’t heard about that. Doesn’t this mean Marcela didn’t take it? Luc’s still willing to believe she sold it to the guy who tried to smuggle it out of the country.

Luc’s gloating that now Silvana hates Marcela as much as he does. He’s going to make sure she doesn’t get any money out of Al by calling his bluff and telling him to go ahead and quit the Toscana.

Don Timo’s

Octavia and Lencho are back. Timo thinks they look like a Madonna and child sitting there on the couch, like a sculpture by Beethoven. (Yeah, I know.)

The important part of the blah blah blah is that he’s found someone to say she was with Lencho at the time of the murder.

July approaches the house and turns green when she sees Octavia walk out with Lencho and Timo.

Mike’s homicide investigation

Lencho gives his statement to the MP and says the woman he was with was…Rubicela. And sure, she can come in and testify. He explains someone hit him and he didn’t wake up until Severo found him. The doctor had to come check him out–they can ask him about that. He doesn’t think anyone else can testify that he was in the plaza. It was late. July tried to get surveillance footage, but her video camera ran out of film.

In the waiting area, Timo and Octavia are talking REALLY loud about the land she bought and her plans for it. She needs to talk to Marcela, but she won’t say why.

Eulogio comes in with the famous Rubicela. Timo hits on Octavia…and July watches from behind a column. Ooh! July’s angry! July gives an insult lesson:

Infelices como el grado crápula y regento, cara de perro ¡me las vas a pagar!

Don’t ever say telenovelas aren’t educational.

Lencho finishes giving his statement and Rubicela is brought in. She and Lencho have a…warm…reunion. Before she can give her statement, the two cops who were digging in dead Mike’s grave show up and announce they’ve got new evidence.

San Bartolo

Val calls Octavia so they can hang out. Octavia ditches Timo and Lencho at the café. Timo tells Lencho he’s never loved anyone like he loves Octavia and Lencho gets a sudden coughing fit.

Octavia heads over to Emi’s. Val asks her about the necklace. Octavia had no idea it had been stolen. Val tells her that Luciano always suspected Marcela. Between that and what happened at the wedding, and Alessandro telling Val that he was disappointed in Marcela…Val thinks it sounds like Marcela did steal the necklace.

Octavia says there’s no way. She would have paid the debt on the hacienda. Something else must have happened. Well, at any rate, Val’s sure that Silvana and Alessandro think Marcela stole it. Octavia says Silvana and Al didn’t say anything to Luciano so he wouldn’t be angry. Marcela couldn’t have had the necklace, so SOMEONE made Sil and Al think she did. (Head…spinning….)

But who?! Who could be so Machiavellian? Who hates Marcela and Al that much?!

Octavia aims to find out.

The investigation

Vélez calls to tell Marcela the judge has made a decision. They all rush down to the police station to hear that Mateo’s being sent to prison. Sagrario swoons and then starts sobbing. Vélez says he doesn’t know what happened. Something about new evidence and he’s asked to talk to the judge.

Once again Sagrario’s ready to swear under oath that she was with Mateo that night. Al tells her not to take desperate measures. They have to convince the judge…and Al doesn’t think Marcela should do it! He puts her on guard duty for Sagrario, but as soon as the judge walks out, Sagrario screams to the entire room that she was with Mateo that night. The judge calls her in to make a statement.

Sagrario says she and Mateo have been together for years. Yes, she’s married, but her husband abandoned her. She’s asked for a divorce and annulment so she can marry Mateo. The judge warns her that if she signs a statement and it’s false, she’ll go to jail. Sagrario thinks it’s not fair that everyone ELSE can lie and get away with it. Why can’t she? (Well, for starters, you just admitted it to the judge.)

In the waiting area, Vélez says they have to stop Sagrario before she signs anything. The cops won’t let Al into the judge’s office.

The judge is still gently trying to keep Sagrario from screwing up her life. He says there’s still a chance he could find Mateo innocent, but they have to follow procedures. He can’t stay in the SB jail because they found evidence that makes him look guilty…a button from his shirt.

Marcela goes back to Mateo’s cell to tell him he’s being transferred to prison.

The judge tells Sagrario they know it’s Mateo’s button, because he’s missing a button from his shirt. Nu uh, no way is that possible! She does all his laundry and NONE of his shirts are missing buttons! She can’t believe he’s in Timo’s pocket. She calls him a bandido and corrupto, who’s condemning a man because of a stupid button that ANYONE could have put there. The only person capable of killing in cold blood is Severo.

The judge asks one of the officers to come escort Sagrario out. And she’d better be grateful he’s not slapping charges on her for contempt.

Mateo’s appalled to hear Sagrario’s trying to convince the judge they spent the night together. Marcela’s getting upset and Mateo says they both have to be strong. If he has to go to prison, fine, but he’ll prove he’s innocent.

Hey, wait a minute….

Oct and Val start making a list of Al and Marcela’s enemies…there’s Severo, Maria Laura. The thing is, how would Maria Laura have stolen the necklace? Much less known about it. And how could she have gotten to the beach house to steal the necklace?

Now that Octavia thinks about it, it would make sense for it to be ML. She might have heard about the necklace from Nisa and she’s capable of planning the theft and pinning it on Marcela. She’d do anything to stop the wedding.

Right, but the wedding went on as planned.

It did affect the couple. Because Al is angry at what Marcela supposedly did, but he can’t stop loving her. And Octavia’s loving this–she wants Al to suffer. And she wants the hacienda. So she’s going to take advantage of the situation, because nothing kills love faster than doubts.

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stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
2 years ago

“which I always think sounds more like a donkey with a mango on top” oh man my sides hurt now. But yeah, it does sound like that. And here I thought I was the only one getting ass and ace mixed up because I learned the word from “Par de Ases” (side note: I’ve noticed the context in which I learned a particular Spanish word can really affect what I associate with that word even a long time later, sometimes in really weird ways) And Sagrario is the world’s worst liar. And needs a hug. Octavia and Valeria figured that… Read more »