Caer En Tentación Monday 1/29/18 #71

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Less than Three Years Ago
  • Raquel’s suspicious when Caro won’t answer her phone. Anyway, she’s here to confront Caro for the way Caro treated her and how it made her look “crazy” in front of her husband. Caro apologizes, but Raquel doesn’t buy it. She’s noticed Caro doesn’t look her in the eyes anymore. What is Caro hiding? Caro tries to convince Raquel she loves and respects her, but again–Raquel’s not buying it. She brings up selling the business so they don’t have to see each other anymore and says she’ll tell Damian.
  • Damian begs Lola to tell him what’s going on with Andres. She swears it’s just that he keeps picking on her work. She offers to leave if her presence is causing a problem, but Damian tells her she’s a valuable employee and Azucena’s said good things about her. In that case, Lola will stay, but she’ll deal with Andres on her own.
  • Mia’s been having Julieta make the “I know what you did last summer” calls to Caro. She’s bribing her with the promise of a threesome with Nico. (Creeeeeeep!) She’s a brat when she sees Damian talking to Lola. I mean, sure, he’s holding her hand, but this is Mia. She complains that Damian cares about everyone but her. She’s angry that he only talks to her and Fede because he feels obligated. She’s seen the way he looks at Carolina. What’s going on between them?
  • Antonio can’t believe Godoy slept with their ONLY witness! He’ll have to report him to the ethics board. They’ll probably fire him, but for now he’s off the case. He tells Godoy to defuse this by being honest with Laura.
  • Santiago tells Nacho about Raquel and Caro’s fight. He’s worried about losing Raquel…no, not like that. She’s helped him and Caro so much. But Nacho thinks Raquel is so great it would be easy for Santi to fall in love with her. If they’re friends, then stay friends. Santi’s worried Caro will take it personally. And you know “women.” They compete for everything. This is the second time Nacho has answered a “you know women” with “yeah, and men do it too.” Gracias, Nacho!
  • Florencia finds Caro sitting and staring off into space. Caro says she’s never had a real friend and she screwed it all up. Vicente shows up screaming that her lover hasn’t paid him. In front of Florencia.
  • Fede hangs out with Luz and her son. He explains that he didn’t tell them who he was because he didn’t want special treatment. Luz points out he isn’t really the guy he was pretending to be either.
  • Mia can’t get over her dad cheating. She can’t tell if her mom’s with Santi for revenge or love. Nico has decided to support his dad. His mom and her dad betrayed them all. They had a child. Alina calls to tell Nico his dad is out of jail.
  • Antonio begs Santi to stay out of trouble once he’s out.
  • Lola won’t press charges until she tells her dad about Juan. She’s upset that her relationship with Bebo started the way it did. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Juan. With a gun. He knocks Bebo out and turns on Lola, but she refuses to shut her eyes. Fernando walks in and tells Juan to lower the gun. Fernando has backup. Juan gets arrested and nobody gets shot. Fernando showed up because of the charges Raquel pressed.
  • Damian’s having his reflexes checked and not showing any response…until he grabs the nurse’s hand. The doctor’s sure it’s a reflex, but he’s going to send him to get another MRI to see if Damian shows brain activity. Damian’s hand makes a fist. (Or possibly he’s checking the thread count on the sheets.)
  • Before he lets him out, Antonio goes to Santi’s cell to tell him what happened with Juan. But, hey, Juan’s under arrest now. It’s hugs all around in the waiting area, except that Nico’s still giving Alina dirty looks.
  • Laura reports: Santi’s out; he was out of town with Raquel; his gun killed Caro, but his prints weren’t on it; did he give the gun to the killer or did Caro take it with her for protection; the cops are inept; Antonio is Santiago’s friend; Fernando has a relationship with Cintia; why is the judge letting them investigate?
  • Santi’s upset when he gets home and sees Lola’s face. He wants to know why Lola didn’t tell him about Juan before. Sure, he had a lot of stuff going on, but they’re his priority. Lola tells him she’s pregnant.
  • Raquel comes home and tells Cintia she has to decide whether to keep Santi alive on machines or not. She doesn’t think she can make that decision alone. Mia comes downstairs and Raquel delivers the bad news–Damian’s not going to wake up.
  • Miriam complains to Coma!Damian that he’s abandoning her after everything she’s done–she has his son, she confronted his wife, she confronted his lover’s family. She just wanted to take care of him and he betrayed her. How very dare he?! He’s just like his father–she gave everything for Damian and now he’s leaving her just like his father did. Miriam wants him “disconnected.”
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