Caer En Tentación Thursday 2/1/18 #73

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Character Notes
  • Claudia – Patricia’s mom
Less than Three Years Ago
  • Santiago can’t understand why Vicente wants money from Caro. She tries to get away with saying “I owe him,” but ends up telling him about Vicente saving her from her father.
  • Agustín begs Florencia not to repeat what Vicente said. He thinks she should get another job, but she refuses.
  • Damian tries to talk Raquel out of not ending the partnership without making it seem like that’s what he’s doing. It’s a total fail.
  • Fernando tells Laura he did sleep with Celia, but she came on to him. He doesn’t love her. Laura goes for his gun in the holster on the desk and points it at him, at herself. They struggle and the gun goes off. She’s been shot in the leg and she keeps screaming at him not to touch her. He calls an ambulance.
  • Lola gets home, upset, but other than saying she keeps doing the wrong thing, she doesn’t want to talk about it. Santiago asks Lola and Nico to keep an eye on the baby–Caro’s not feeling well. Lola takes the baby to her room and Santi explains to Nico that Vicente came over. He asks Nico to try and find out what’s going on with Lola.
  • Raquel explains to the doctor that the money is technically Damian’s money, so Miriam can’t just refuse to pay. Yeah, that’s something Raquel and Miriam are going to have to work out. He’s just saying that if the hospital doesn’t get paid, they’ll have to transfer Damian to a public hospital. Fede walks out and Mia tells Raquel to let him go–he knows how to handle grandma.
  • Santiago apologizes to Lola. He wants her to know he supports her no matter what. He talks about how much he wanted a boy, but as soon as they found out Lola was on the way “everything turned pink.” When the doctor introduced them, she looked him right in the eye and he knew he was lost. If anything happened to her or her brothers, he’d die.
  • Vicente says his loan shark isn’t inside the bar, but that’s his bike so he should be back soon. Fernando arrives just as Vicente’s pointing the guy out to Miguel. Turns out Fernando and his guys are looking for “Blas” too. The two groups approach from opposite directions. Blas doesn’t get shot, but Fernando does. The two guys Miguel brought along end up getting arrested.
  • Raquel and Mia come over to Santi’s. Mia’s way too cheerful. She goes off to hang out with Nico. Raquel tells Santi what’s going on at the hospital. He doesn’t seem surprised or bothered when Raquel says they want to give Damian some more time. Santi doesn’t wish Damian dead, or Caro for that matter. He had hoped things would be different when he got out of jail–that they’d be able to be together, that the kids would support them.
  • Antonio comes over and tells Raquel, Santi, Mia, and Nico that they found Damian’s fingerprints on the gun. Mia starts flipping out. He tells them not to jump to conclusions–all he can say right now is that Damian handled the gun. They have a lead on someone who used Damian’s credit card. No one recognizes Blas whatever’s name. Antonio gets the call that Fernando’s been shot. He’s gotta go. Mia insists she and Raquel leave right away–she has to talk to her dad.
  • Miriam thinks Fede came over because he’s finally seen the error of his ways. Um, no, he came over to tell her that none of them want Damian taken off the machines. He accuses her of only caring about money. He’s not leaving the company. Regardless of what happens to his dad, he still needs to learn how to run it. She gives him some BS about a board and Fede says he wants to be kept informed. He knows Andres is up to something shady and he doesn’t think he did that on his own. Miriam takes this as an accusation against her personally and has one of her attacks.
  • Rueda tells Andres they’ve got problems. He has a deal with Alina, but she has access to the financial investigation and apparently there’s enough money moving around to make it look like there’s some money laundering going on here. As the family’s lawyer, he recommends Andres tell him the truth. Andres tries to play innocent, but Rueda says he opened a can of worms when he accused Santiago of not paying back a loan. He needs to know. Andres admits he’s laundering money. For some guys his friend Miguel contacted. Andres doesn’t know who they are. He somehow thinks the police can’t come after him for this. He’s funneled all the money into the catering business. Rueda suggests he get rid of the evidence and they pay off Alina and the cops.
  • Miguel and Vicente managed to get away, but Miguel tells Vicente he’d better hide out from the cops. He has to shove Vicente out of the car.
  • Miriam calls Andres to tell him they have to take Fede more seriously–he brought up the money moving around and he’s accusing both of them. She says she’s going to keep paying for Damian’s hospital stay. Andres decides if Fede can have a spine, so can he–he’s in charge now and Miriam needs to quit creating drama and messing with Raquel. Or else he’ll tell Federico what’s going on at the company.
  • Laura gets to the hospital, all worried about Fernando. Antonio doesn’t find her concern genuine after the crap she said on TV.
  • Santiago asks Florencia if she might have seen anything strange going on with Caro. Did she say anything? Did she see something? Florencia says it started when Caro’s brother came over. He was upset and saying he needed a payoff. But Caro said he was drunk and didn’t know what he was saying. Santi’s upset that Vicente knew all along.
  • Antonio can’t figure out why a couple of narcos would want to kill Blas. Trevilla thinks it’s connected to the money laundering somehow. Antonio’s going to request a new allanamiento (search warrant) for the company financials. Something doesn’t feel right and he doesn’t know what it is.
  • Mia whines to Comatose!Damian to wake up already. She needs him to fight for them. She knows about Benjamin and she forgives him and wants him back.
  • Santi asks about Lola’s feelings for Bebo. Lola’s afraid to even think about love. She doesn’t know how he got over the person he loved being taken from him. He tells her to give it time. She’ll heal and she’ll find someone she loves. Like he fell in love with Raquel. It’s not revenge. He didn’t like her at first, but she grew on him. He still loved Caro, but he fell in love with Raquel and he thinks it was both revenge and pain that brought them together. Lola wants him to be happy.
  • Fede faces down Andres. He’s seen the numbers. He knows Andres has emptied the company till. Damian didn’t trust him, but Damian didn’t realize that Andres couldn’t have done it without Miriam’s help. So is Andres going to kill him now, or what?
  • Patricia’s mom, Claudia, comes over looking for Lola. She keeps dreaming that Patricia’s asking her for help. Claudia’s sure Patricia didn’t kill herself. She wants to know the name of the guy who was paying her bills.
  • Santi meets Raquel at a hotel. He tells her Lola supports them. He’s not even angry that Lola told Raquel and Raquel didn’t tell him. They make with the smoochies.
  • And Damian opens his eyes. The nurse asks if he can hear her, but it’s a few more seconds before he grips her hand.
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