Caer En Tentación Wednesday 1/31/18 #72

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Less than Three Years Ago
  • Carolina denies having a lover. She gets Vicente to go to her room and hands the baby off to Florencia, who’s hardcore freaking out right now. Vicente kind of whines that he needs a drink and he owes money. She tells him that she and Damian broke up. Now he accuses her of being stupid and says she has to get back together with him to save Vicente’s worthless ass. Instead she says she’ll give him the money. When she goes into the drawer, he notices the gun and accuses her of thinking about using it to get rid of him. She gives him a bundle of cash that he doesn’t think is nearly enough. He threatens to tell everyone about her and now she DOES pull out the gun and threatens to kill him if he ever comes over again. Oh his way out he stops to tell Florencia that Carolina’s not a good mother and not a good person. Caro knows Florencia heard everything, but what he said was a bunch of lies. She makes a big deal out of telling Santiago what happened when he calls and emphasizes that she and Santiago tell each other everything. Florencia’s face: “Suuuuure.”
  • Damian denies having anything going on with Caro. And, no, he’s not with Lola either! Mia whines that he’s never there when she needs him. Damian says that’s on her. He tries to reach out, but she holds herself at arm’s length. He can’t touch her, he certainly can’t hug her. Mia complains that he saw her with Lola just now and he’s never like that with her. (Uh, see above re: not wanting to be touched?)
  • Raquel checks in at the catering office. She asks Ariana if she thinks they can run this business without Caro. Her face says “no,” but she says Caro left them her recipes. They don’t come out exactly the same, but they’re still good. Raquel’s surprised to see how well they’ve been doing, and suspicious when Ariana tells her that Andres has been bringing a lot of clients in.
  • Lola meets with Patricia to ask her just what Miguel’s into. Annnnnd it’s drugs. Patricia says she can’t get out, but Lola just needs to keep her mouth shut and nothing will happen.
  • Mia and Damian show up at Raquel’s office. Mia’s way too happy to hear that Raquel wants to buy Caro out. And Damian’s way too unhappy. He and Raquel get into an argument and she tells him not to worry his pretty little head about HER business.
  • Florencia tells Agustín about Vicente’s visit and the things he said about Caro.
  • Antonio tries to talk Celia out of formally accusing Fernando of harassment.
  • Santiago gets home and finds Caro in bed and the drawer open. He freaks out when he sees the open gun case and demands to know why she took the gun out.
  • Nope, sorry Miriam. Only Damian’s wife gets to decide whether to pull the plug. That’s what happens when people get married. She threatens the doctor with “making other decisions” if he won’t take orders from her.
  • Mia doesn’t want to take Damian off the machines. She thinks it would be like killing him and she’ll never forgive Raquel if she does it. Nico doesn’t know what he thinks. He doesn’t feel like it’s his dad lying in that bed. They get into a shouting match over whether Mia’s thinking of her own needs or Damian’s. Raquel understands them both. Mia screams that she just wants to get rid of her dad so she can be with Santiago. And Raquel backhands her.
  • Rueda feels like Alina’s backing out of their deal, but hey it’s not her fault there wasn’t enough evidence to hold Santiago. Rueda’s getting tired of this–he can’t get any more money out of Miriam unless he comes up with a theory. So, who does Alina think did it? Instead of answering, she suggests he go after Andres for the money laundering. He’d pay to keep it quiet.
  • Trevilla has identified the woman in the surveillance video and they’re assuming the guy with her is her usual partner. She lives in Valle.
  • Raquel apologizes for hitting Mia and clarifies that she never had any intentions of taking Damian off the machines. She just wanted for all three of them to decide together. Fede still doesn’t think he’ll wake up, but he grudgingly admits there MIGHT be a chance. Raquel gets a call from the hospital to warn her about Miriam and tells the kids they’ve gotta go down there, but no worries because their grandmother can’t make that decision.
  • In front of Santi, Bebo claims the baby is his. Santi flips out. Lola’s had enough lies–it’s Juan’s baby. Santi’s upset that everyone lied to him and hid things from him. He’s tired of being the last one to know things. Florencia stops by and gets an update from Nico. She’s sure Santiago will come around.
  • Miguel and two guys meet Vicente close to Valle. He tries to turn down their help with his loan shark, but that’s not up to him.
  • At the jobsite, Nacho, Bebo, and Agustín have lunch. Bebo confesses that he loves Lola like they haven’t already know this forever. Nacho wants to make sure Bebo really wants to take on the raising of another man’s child. Well, Bebo knows Santiago still loves Benja, and he’s sure Nacho doesn’t love him just because they share blood. Nacho agrees. Even if Bebo wasn’t his biological child, he loves him because he’s the son of the only woman he’s ever loved in his life.
  • Santiago’s happy to see Florencia. I give him some serious side-eye. It suddenly occurs to him to wonder why she quit. Um, ’cause she knew about Carolina. Santiago’s pissed–if she’d spoken up he might have saved his marriage and Caro’s life. Nico hears the shouting and butts in to remind Nico that it’s not Florencia’s fault (well, as far as we know).
  • Raquel and the kids get to the hospital and the doctor’s fine with leaving Damian on the machines, but who’s going to pay for it? Because the insurance money ran out and Miriam refuses to pay anymore. (Uh…they haven’t hit their family out-of-pocket maximums for, like, twelve lifetimes?)
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