Caer En Tentación Friday 2/2/18 #74

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Less than Three Years Ago
  • Mia’s cackling with glee at dinner. She wants to toast to Carolina not being part of the company. And hey, they can fire Lola now, right? Damian gives Mia a ride to school so he can talk to her on the drive. He wants to know what her deal is: “You hate people like it’s a sport!” Mia gets predictably snotty and Damian takes off without her. She complains to Raquel that her dad acts like that family is sacred.
  • Antonio joins Fernando in the hospital waiting area. Fernando explains that Laura grabbed the gun and threatened to kill him, to kill herself, and he tried to take the gun away. There’s going to be an investigation. If Laura says anything…inconvenient, he’ll lose his job. Antonio hopes he’s at least talked Celia out of causing any further trouble.
  • Santiago tries asking Florencia what happened between Vicente and Caro. She gets away with saying she doesn’t know–he was drunk, he wasn’t making any sense, etc. Santi wants a call next time Vicente shows up.
  • Damian sends Azucena to go talk to Carolina for him. He tells her about the fight and she wonders if Raquel knows…she’s a smart woman, he won’t be able to keep it from her forever.
  • Santiago goes to Raquel to apologize for not coming over yesterday. He keeps thinking he wishes he’d met Raquel sooner. His dad was a cop and liked things a certain way and Santi brought that into his marriage. He’s finally recognizing that he’s been a big macho jerk. Raquel practically saved his marriage. She’s his only female friend and he doesn’t want to lose her.
  • Julieta’s tired of doing things for Mia. She doesn’t care if Mia rats her out to her family, she won’t call Lola for her and she never wants to see Mia again.
  • Azucena comes over and Caro tells her about the anonymous phone calls. She thinks it’s best if she and Damian don’t see each other alone. Better if they stop destroying other people’s lives.
  • Raquel promises she’ll always be there for Santi and the kids, but Carolina? She hit Raquel where it hurts and it’s over.
  • Montage of Caro and Damian missing each other.
  • Laura’s recovery isn’t going well. Since the surgery, her liver isn’t responding like they had hoped. Her body is rejecting the anesthesia drugs. They’re trying to keep her from getting an infection. He’s going to send a therapist in to talk to her. Fernando tries to reassure Laura, but she doesn’t believe he’ll stick around.
  • It’s Benja’s baptism day. Damian’s having a hard time staying away. Azucena sympathizes–she had a forbidden love once too. (WHO?!) Nacho’s his godfather and Lola is his godmother. Damian shows up with a present for the baby and gets a big smile from Santi. Raquel knows what day it is too and she’s missing the baby. Carolina stands between Santi and Damian for a group photo.
  • Fede and Mia show up for the party with Raquel’s present. Mia’s not in the house a minute before she’s jealous of Florencia. Carolina sneaks away to take a whiny call from Damian.
  • Raquel whines to Jovita. She wishes she could be at the party having fun with everyone. Jovita wonders if this is really about what Caro said. Raquel says it’s more than that–she feels like Caro rejects her.
  • Maybe Damian’s waking up or maybe it’s just a reflex. And once again, the doctor’s going to run another round of tests and notify the family. The doctor calls the house and Jovita drops her cleaning cloth in shock.
  • Lola tells Claudia Miguel’s name, but she warns her that he’s dangerous. That’s why Patricia didn’t want to tell her. Claudia’s got Patricia’s cell phone and it has threatening messages and recordings. If the police won’t re-open the case, she’ll go to that (loudmouth) reporter. She begs Lola to testify, but Lola’s not willing to do that.
  • Andres covers his ass by telling Fede that the irregularities in the finances were for tax evasion, not money laundering. Fine, whatever, Fede believes him. From now on he and Raquel are managing Damian’s portion of the company and she gets access to the money. When Fede gets the call that Damian is awake, Andres looks concerned.
  • Cintia visits Fernando in the hospital. She’s just told him how important he is to her when Laura walks in.
  • When Mia can’t reach Raquel, she decides to go alone, over Jovita’s objections.
  • Mia gets to the hospital, very concerned about what Damian might have said. Fede has to drag her away from his room.
  • Santiago and Raquel steam up the hotel shower. She misses a call from Fede. When she finally answers, Fede tells her Damian woke up. It takes her a minute to tell Santiago.
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