Caer En Tentación Monday 2/5/18 #75

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Less than Three Years Ago
  • Someone uploaded a picture of Damian at Benja’s baptism. Raquel asks what Damian is hiding. She doesn’t have a problem with him buying a present, but with him lying about where he was. Raquel admits she also bought a present for the baby.
  • The dudes at the baptism party are druuuuunk. Florencia helps Santiago to bed and kisses him after he passes out.
  • Nico and Fede break up a fight between Lola and Mia. Florencia didn’t quite understand what was going on, but Lola went tearing out of the house and it had something to do with Mia. Santiago tries to call Nico but gets no answer. Raquel and Damian get home and Lola has no problem telling Raquel her daughter’s sick–she thinks Lola’s sleeping with Damian. Mia looks embarrassed.
  • Alina wants Nico to decide whether he’s going to trust her or not. All he cares about is the job. She’s still insisting she loves him.
  • Andres seems surprised that Damian’s fingerprint was on the gun. Rueda tells Andres that Miguel has become a problem–he got into a shootout with Godoy, but he got away.
  • Lola goes to Alina for advice about the Patricia situation. She doesn’t know if she should testify. Nico listens at the door and hears Lola saying Patricia introduced her to Miguel because they wanted him to pay for their class trip. He misses the part where Lola says she didn’t do anything with him. All she really knows about Miguel is he’s a business partner of Andres’. Patricia once said he had something to do with narcos. Alina promises to keep it between them, but she wants to know what happened on the class trip. Alina tells Lola if Patricia’s mother comes around again to have her talk to Alina. And she needs to stay away from Andres and Miguel. Lola mentions the letter Patricia wrote, that she gave to Laura, that she supposes is now with Antonio. On her way out, Nico’s giving her that wounded look. He can’t believe she told Alina and not him! Lola swears him to secrecy. Even Alina tells Nico to keep his mouth shut–Santiago could go after Andres.
  • The guy Santiago once paid off in a flashback shows up at his house. There’s mention of someone named “Saldivar” who Santiago is supposedly paying off so these guys WON’T show up at his house. Santi will talk to Saldivar later. He lies to Nacho, saying it was just some guys looking for work.
  • The latest round of tests show brain activity in Damian. He’s responding reflexively, but he is awake. Miriam gets stink eye from Mia and Raquel for saying she hopes he’s not a vegetable.
  • Laura wants Fernando back. He’s not interested in going back to what they’ve had for the last few years. When Antonio shows up, Laura apologizes for what she said on the air.
  • Miguel’s freaking out that Andres didn’t tell him the guy he was sent to kill was being sought by the police. Andres is freaking out that everything seems to be going wrong. He wants out. Miguel wants the lawyer’s name, so he can get rid of her. Andres won’t hand it over until Miguel tells him who they’ve been laundering money for.
  • Mia and Fede hang out with Damian. He’s asleep, but at least squeezing their hands. The doctor can’t give them a timeline or tell them what full recovery will look like. And if they’ll go over to reception and pay his bill, that’ll help. Heh. Miriam and Raquel are playing the “Damian’s going to find out everything you did” game.
  • Antonio tells Fernando the guys he got into a shootout with and the guy who was using Damian’s credit card are connected to narcos. Fernando says the guys wanted to kill Garrido. To shut him up, Antonio supposes. About Damian and Carolina? How likely is that? Antonio says they have one other lead…Damian’s awake. Fernando’s anxious to get back to working the case, thinking it all ties in together–the money laundering, the narcos.
  • So much for attorney-client privilege. Alina tells Rueda what Lola told her about Andres and Miguel. She thinks she and Rueda can make some money off of this. She scoffs at the idea they’re working for Andres. They’re working for themselves! Rueda is starting to think Alina’s too greedy.
  • Miriam’s freaking out about what’s going to happen when Damian wakes up and finds out that she cut Raquel off. Which should maybe not be her biggest concern, because the money Andres has been depositing in her account came from what he stole from the company. So they’re in this together and he’s running the show from now on.
  • Raquel tells Less-Comatose!Damian she doesn’t know what he wants from her, but he doesn’t love her. And she doesn’t love him.
  • Damian is now technically in police custody because the judge has determined that he needs to testify. An officer will be guarding his room (hey, they should be grateful for that). Antonio asks Raquel to stop by the police station tomorrow. He needs to talk to her about potential money laundering.
  • Andres visits the guy whose money he’s been laundering. He says Miguel has become a problem, but if the company’s being investigated the guy thinks it’s Andres who’s the problem. Andres thinks they should get rid of Miguel. Andres is the only one with access to the money and the police need a scapegoat.
  • Nico won’t agree not to say anything to their dad unless Lola tells him what happened. She doesn’t want to tell him because, hello! Narcos! Nico says that could mean that Miguel is the one who took out Damian and their mom.
  • Miriam asks Rueda why Andres is calling her his accomplice. Sure, he made a deposit into her offshore account, but the company is hers! And he promised he’d return it. Right, but she didn’t put the money back into the company after all, it’s still in her offshore account, which makes her an accomplice to embezzlement. She just didn’t want Raquel to get it! Rueda tried to tell her she needed to press charges for the theft. She needs to quit attacking Raquel and the kids. She needs to win over Fede so he’ll stop digging.
  • Laura’s report: the gun has Damian’s fingerprints; Damian just woke up; Patricia’s mom wants her case re-opened as a murder case; Lola hasn’t testified and Miguel hasn’t either–funny how they’re both involved in both cases.
  • Santiago has an angry chat with Less-Comatose!Damian. Damian killed his baby. Also, he loves Raquel and Santi’s going to defend Raquel from Damian. He wishes Damian would wake up already so Santiago can kill him. Damian’s eyes pop open and he turns his head toward Santiago.
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