Caer En Tentación Tuesday 2/6/18 #76

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Character Notes
  • Tony – a narco
Less than Three Years Ago
  • Mia will not back down from her insistence that Lola’s sleeping with Damian. Raquel kicks the boys out.
  • At Santiago’s, Florencia says she heard that Mia thinks Lola’s sleeping with Damian. Santiago calls Nico and he explains as best he can, but since this is all mostly going on in Mia’s head….
  • Even Raquel can’t get Mia to back off. Damian gets there in time to hear Mia say that Lola needs to explain why she’s getting involved with Raquel’s husband.
  • Damian tries to impress upon Mia that she’s hurting other people, but all she cares about is her own pain. He tells her to stay out of other people’s lives.
  • When Santiago shows up, Raquel tells him to believe Lola. Damian can’t believe that Santiago would believe Mia.
  • With the kids and Santiago gone, Raquel demands to know whether Damian has something going on with Lola.
  • Santiago admits he had a knee-jerk reaction, but he believes Lola. Nothing happened. Damian would never.
  • Carolina has decided that Lola can’t go back to work at Legato.
  • Mia whines to Miriam to come pick her up, but her parents won’t let her go with Miriam. Miriam comforts her, saying the two of them know the truth, even if everyone tries to say they’re crazy. She tells Mia to only talk to her. The two of them will take care of the family.
  • Santiago continues with the threats and accusations. Damian’s face shows no reaction, but his heart monitor does. Raquel’s worried about Santiago going in there and handing more ammo to Miriam, but all Santi cares about is that Damian deceived them and he’s gonna rip him apart. He picks NOW to have the “Where is this relationship going?” conversation. Raquel’s not in the mood.
  • Mia’s upset at Fede for not seeing everything exactly the same way she does. The specifics don’t even matter.
  • Nico’s freaking out because Lola’s freaking out after Laura’s report. Alina encourages him to keep Lola calm and keep his dad calm, but yeah Lola’s going to have to share what she knows.
  • Raquel asks AGAIN about Damian’s recovery and the doctor tells her AGAIN that they have to wait. He needs rest, no stress, etc. Santiago hears this and says he gets it. He’ll go home and he’ll deal with Damian when he’s fully awake. But he IS going to make him pay. The cop on guard duty stands there uncomfortably trying to look like he’s not listening, but they’re standing on either side of him.
  • Somebody’s feeding Laura information, but I don’t recognize the voice. She tells Antonio she’s got info on Miguel Villegas.
  • Santiago comes home and finds Lola in tears. She slowly explains that she’s been lying to him ever since they started planning the class trip. She knew they didn’t have money and a friend who was dating a much older guy said he’d pay for the trip….
  • Show of hands, who heard the doctor saying NO STRESS? Because Raquel starts asking Damian if he shot Carolina. And here we go again with the eyes popping open.
  • Alina proposes to Andres that they shift all the responsibility for Patricia’s death and the money laundering onto Miguel. Andres calls “Tony” and asks him to keep up his end of the bargain. Which, apparently, means asking Miguel to choose between taking full responsibility or dying.
  • Antonio comes over to assure Santi that Lola’s just a witness and she’ll be protected. Miguel is going to end up in jail for the rest of his life. Santiago thinks he’s failed his family.
  • Mia tries to apologize for running her mouth and saying what she did about their parents. Nico’s sure when her dad wakes up, they’ll find out what really happened. Mia’s not so sure.
  • Santi can’t handle seeing Raquel concerned for Damian. He wants her to choose between them. Raquel doesn’t think that’s fair. If he were in her place, he wouldn’t abandon Caro. For the sake of the kids. She assures him she’s still here for him, but she’s not leaving Damian right now. That’s a deal-breaker for Santiago.
  • Fede comes upstairs to get Benja. Miriam’s leaving. Mia gets pissed off when Nico’s cell phone goes off. He tells Alina he can’t see her right now because he’s with HIS GIRLFRIEND. Nico considers himself fired. And now suddenly, Mia cares about the fact that he needs this job.
  • At the police station, Antonio starts off talking to Miguel about the money laundering and then follows up with Patricia’s “suicide” and how he knows Garrido…and Vicente…and what he had to do with the attack on Damian. Miguel denies having anything to do with the attack and he’d like to sign whatever he has to to end this interrogation now.
  • Andres snorts some coke in front of Cintia. She tries to get away from him, but he taunts her about not feeling alive.
  • Santiago comes home and asks Lola to forgive him. He talks about starting over and being the person he used to be. He broke up with Raquel.
  • Raquel sobs in the general direction of Less-Comatose!Damian. Why is he putting her through all this? He didn’t care that he was hurting her when he cheated on him. She should leave him. He doesn’t deserve for her to stay…but she won’t leave because she’s not like him. He had a child with her friend and he was going to leave her. Doesn’t she deserve to be happy for once?
  • Nico shows up at Alina’s and asks for a letter of recommendation. He says he doesn’t love her, it was just sex. She’s the one who taught him that. Alina refuses to let him go. No one leaves her! (Hide your bunnies!)
  • Miriam has decided she’s not safe with Andres around. She thinks he could have been responsible for what happened to Damian. She doesn’t know what she wants Rueda to do, but they need to get a confession out of Andres. Rueda heaves a long-suffering sigh.
  • Mia can’t find Raquel. She doesn’t want to call Santiago, so Fede calls Nico. He’s in Alina’s bed. There’s blood on the floor and blood on the walls. Mia decides to call Santiago. Raquel’s not with him either. Fede tries Cintia. Nico finds Alina in the bathroom, but she says there’s nothing wrong and asks him to leave. He can see the blood on her hands and someone lying on the floor behind her.
  • Santiago gets to the ICU in time to see Raquel leaning over Damian as Damian mumbles her name and calls her “mi amor“.
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