Caer En Tentación Thursday 2/8/18 #78

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A year or less before the accident
  • Raquel’s convinced that Caro is hiding something. Caro agrees–everyone does. So what’s Raquel hiding? No answer is forthcoming. Caro doesn’t think they should hang out anymore.
  • At home, Caro complains that was the worst party ever. Sure, everyone else was happy, but what about her?!
  • Damian and Caro rekindle their relationship.
  • Lisa explains that Vicente’s almost always drunk. He thinks he sees Caro. Why would he be so guilty if he didn’t kill her? She wants Santiago to come pick him up and take him to the police.
  • Fernando decides he needs Cintia too.
  • Nacho comes to Alina’s office…no, not to talk about Nico and that’s none of his business anyway. He’s worried about Santiago. A couple of rough-looking guys showed up talking about someone named Saldivar and Santi chased them off.
  • Santi forgot his phone. When Raquel calls, Nico answers it. Raquel interrupts a snogfest to tell Godoy that Santiago went to Valle and she’s worried about him.
  • Miriam was supposed to bring Benja over, but she called earlier and told Cintia she didn’t have time.
  • Vicente starts getting violent with Lisa and thinks he sees Caro watching him. He goes into the woods, looking for Caro.
  • Santiago remembers the police finding Carolina’s body and Vicente saying Carolina was in hell.
  • Raquel goes to pick up Benja and bring him back to her house. She’s sure Miriam won’t like this, but he’s staying with them for now. Mia’s not happy to see Benja.
  • Santiago gets to Lisa’s and Vicente won’t let him in. He says Lisa’s talking to Caro about Damian. Lisa finally lets Santiago in after Vicente runs off.
  • Raquel calls Nico to ask him AGAIN not to hurt Mia. She’s not interested in hearing his explanations, she’s just saying.
  • Lola’s not happy to find Bebo waiting at her house for her. He insists he loves her–all the good and the bad.
  • Raquel goes to confront Alina about her relationship with Nico. And also to tell her that Benja’s at her house and Miriam says she’ll let Fede and Mia get custody of him.
  • Santiago chases Vicente down, but Vicente swears Caro’s still alive. She’s cheating on him with Damian. He didn’t kill her, he killed their father to protect her.
  • The doctor doesn’t want Damian to talk yet. He has him answer one blink for yes and two for no. So, Damian understands him and knows where he is, but he doesn’t know what happened. He recognizes Miriam. She wants to hear him say “mamá” or whatever he wants. He says “Raquel.” Heh.
  • Back at Lisa’s, Fernando tries to ask him about Blas, but Vicente’s playing innocent. Or he’s just really really drunk.
  • Nico’s upset that Sammy’s over at Mia’s. He’s still trying to explain that it wasn’t what it looked like, but Mia believes Sammy.
  • Raquel sits with Damian. He’s trying to talk and getting agitated. Raquel tells him he had an accident. He needs to stay calm and rest. Damian gets stuck on the idea that Fede’s suffocating.
  • Santiago explains that Vicente’s really not doing well. They’re admitting him for treatment. He claimed he was talking to their mother. Santiago thinks Vicente either killed her or knows who did. Nico tells him Raquel called–Benja’s staying at her house. And Damian’s awake.
  • Rueda tells Alina that Andres wants her to break up Santiago and Raquel. He doesn’t care how. Well, Alina’s not going to tell him how she’ll do it, but if she slept with the son she can sleep with the father. Oh, Rueda has no doubt she could sleep with the father, the son, and the holy ghost. Yeah, she heard he’s with Raquel, but there’s nothing like the lure of the forbidden.
  • Raquel explains to Fede that his dad thinks he’s still very young. He’s remembering an episode when Fede had an asthma attack. Miriam whines to Fede that Raquel’s driving Damian crazy. Fede’s face: “Seriously?”
  • Raquel ratted Nico out to Santi, so Santiago asks what happened. Yeah, he totally slept with Alina AGAIN. But it’s over this time. For realz.
  • The doctor explains to Fede that it’s going to take his dad some time to get back to himself. Damian doesn’t recognize Fede at first.
  • Antonio’s pissed off that Godoy went to Valle alone. Vicente’s in the hospital and he won’t admit he knows Garrido. Fernando thinks at this point it’s just a matter of time before Damian tells them what happened. He asks Fernando to keep an eye on Damian. He already knows Fernando visited Cintia yesterday and warns him to keep his pants on.
  • Lola gets up from her bed and Nico notices blood.
  • “Saldivar” comes looking for Santiago. He’s not there and Nacho and Agustín want to know why he’s looking for Santi.
  • Santiago goes over to Raquel’s. Benja says something about his dad. “Alla con papá”? Who cares, he’s a cute toddler. He can say whatever he wants.
  • Mia’s hanging out with Damian. He asks for Carolina. He wants to know what happened.
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