Caer En Tentación Wednesday 2/7/18 #77

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Less than Three Years Ago
  • Raquel comes over with a check for Caro’s half of the business.
  • Santiago’s sorry he suspected Damian of messing around with Lola. He’s sure Damian would have reacted the same way if it was Mia. Santi proposes they take a break from their business relationship. Finish this set of houses and dissolve the partnership. Damian doesn’t want to do that.
  • Mia rats out Nico and Fede for skipping school. When Nico finally comes home he says he and Fede went to a party and met some girls and it got late and stuff. Fede gets home and says he was with a girl. Isn’t that what they wanted? Turns out they did go to a party so Fede could meet up with Iker. Nico claims what annoys him is having to lie to his parents.
  • Montage: Damian calls Caro. She tosses her phone. Mia watches Nico flirting with girls. Lola gets a text and it’s not from Juan. Santiago gives Caro a car. Damian pays off Vicente. The catering company turns 2. Caro seduces Santiago. Raquel seduces Damian. Santiago works. Raquel works. Damian works.
A year before the accident
  • Nico’s not hanging out with Mia and Fede anymore.
  • Damian’s going over to Nacho’s to celebrate how well his and Santiago’s business is going. Raquel’s happy for them. She agrees to go with him. Things get predictably awkward. Nacho toasts to Raquel for bringing them all together. Raquel asks for a beer and competes with Nacho in a contest of flowery toasts. Caro pouts. Damian pouts that Caro has been avoiding him.
  • Nico’s angry that Lola keeps going to Damian’s company and he doesn’t believe that it has anything to do with Damian and their dad being business partners. (She mentioned paperwork…what paperwork?)
  • Caro wants to leave the party. Santi brings her a drink, but she basically flees. Raquel offers to go talk to her. They rehash the original fight. Raquel brings it to the present and asks if Caro wants to leave because Santi’s friends like her (Raquel) or because she’s not the center of attention.
  • Damian might have been talking, but he’s out again. Santiago leaves. Mia and Fede come in. For some reason, suddenly Mia’s worried that her mom might need rest…or she might want to go with Santiago. Oh, wait, I was being too nice–it was a test.
  • Alina and her bloody hands have to chase Nico out of her bedroom. Sammy’s in her bathroom, he cut his wrists. He’d rather be dead than without her.
  • Vicente’s having a nightmare. He keeps telling Carolina to leave him alone. Lisa wakes him up and he says he keeps seeing Carolina staring at him. There’s something she wants to ask him, but she never does. Lisa asks him if he killed Caro. He sobs that she was his sister. The last time he saw her, he treated her badly. He wanted to tell her he loved her.
  • Nico tells Raquel Santiago will just have to understand that she can’t abandon her husband. If Caro were still alive, Santiago wouldn’t abandon her.
  • Santi shares his feelings with Florencia. I’m sure she’s not being selfish at all when she says he and Raquel can’t be together because there’s too much pain surrounding their relationship.
  • Andres comes to Raquel’s, looking for Cintia. He’s sorry to have to tell her this, but when he saw Cintia at the office yesterday she was completely drugged out. And BTW Miguel was taking advantage of their friendship to launder money, but Andres took care of it. And Damian knew. Andres acts like he didn’t know Damian came out of the coma.
  • Sammy spends the night at Alina’s. She wakes him up and tells him to go home. And he can’t break into her house again. She won’t say anything to his dad, but she’ll go to the cops if she has to. He needs help. Rueda comes over and she recommends inpatient therapy.
  • Lola’s not sure what love is. Santiago says it’s something you feel in your heart. You can tell them your secrets, your truth, what hurts you, everything…you can be yourself. If she thinks what she has with Bebo is real, she needs to go to him. She needs to tell Bebo everything. If he loves her, he’ll accept her the way she is. If not, then he’s not right for her.
  • Nacho gossips with Agustín. Damian’s out of the coma and Santiago told Raquel he’s been waiting for Damian to wake up so he can kill Damian himself.
  • Alina tells Santiago she’s ended her relationship with Nico. It was all a mistake. She’s sorry to give him more to worry about when she’s supposed to be helping him. She hits on him again. He changes the subject to Benjamin. Alina says he won’t be able to get custody of Benja ever. There’s nothing he can do legally.
  • Mia gripes to the doctor that her dolly won’t talk when she pulls on the string! Uh, she wants to know why her dad hasn’t talked again. He says Damian’s like a computer rebooting. She gets a fanatical gleam in her eye as she tells Damian they’re going to be a family again.
  • Sammy tells Mia about his suicide attempt at Alina’s. And that when he got there she was in bed with Nico.
  • Who let Andres into Damian’s room? He threatens Damian to keep his mouth shut.
  • Cintia has Fernando come over to Raquel’s. She can’t go on without him.
  • Vicente does a shot for breakfast. He looks out Lisa’s kitchen door and sees Caro in the woods staring at him. He knows she’s angry at him. He didn’t want things to end the way they did. He wanted to protect her. He wants her to stop staring at him and tell him what she wants. He’ll kill himself if she wants him to, he just doesn’t want her to look like that. Lisa sees him talking to no one. Lisa calls Santi to tell him Vicente’s gone crazy and she can’t handle him alone. She thinks he killed Caro.
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