Caer En Tentación Friday 2/9/18 #79

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A year or less before the accident
  • Damian. Caro. Illicit hotel room sex. The afterglow is interrupted by a phone call from Vicente, whining about wanting his money. Caro tells Damian she doesn’t want it to be the same way it was last time. He’s going to have to trust her.
  • At home, Caro tosses Santiago’s dad’s gun and some ammo into her purse.
  • Santiago tries to give Damian a check, but Damian wants to continue their partnership. Caro calls Santi and uses the “gotta go to Valle to help Lisa with Vicente” excuse. Damian finally gets Santiago to take the check, but he won’t agree to make the partnership formal or they’ll be stuck with a bigger tax bill.
  • Damian calls Caro while she’s sitting in the car outside Vicente’s. She’s determined to make their problems go away and hangs up on Damian when he tells her to let him take care of Vicente. It looks like both Damian and Santiago are headed to Valle.
  • Vicente complains that his life was ruined. He agrees she didn’t ask him to kill their father, but ever since then he’s been useless. She’ll never be rid of him unless she has the guts to tell Santiago and the kids the truth. Caro says she can’t do that. She whips the gun out of her purse, but Vicente doesn’t think she’s got the guts to shoot him. He complains that she drives men “mad,” first their father, and then Damian, but not him! Caro shoots the gun. Outside, Damian hears the gun go off. Santiago ends up at Lisa’s, but she’s dropping off her son at a friend’s house. Vicente screams at Caro for daring to shoot at him. He wants Caro to leave, but he wants Damian to stick around and give him all the money in his wallet. He won’t give Caro back the gun. Vicente threatens to talk to Raquel the next time his payment is late.
  • Caro meets Santiago at a gas station. He thinks she’s upset because of Vicente.
  • Raquel’s waiting for Damian to get home. She doesn’t believe he was in meetings. And BTW, did he know Carolina cheated on Santiago?
  • Damian gets agitated and makes all the machines beep. The nurse kicks Mia out of his room.
  • Raquel tells Santiago that Benja is going to be staying with them and he and the kids can come visit any time they want to. Benja’s squeaking with glee as he goes over to Santiago. He’s definitely saying something about “allá.” Raquel says she got Miriam to renounce her custody claim. She knows this isn’t the same as having him back, but he’ll be with his siblings. They’re taking baby steps.
  • Lola has a miscarriage. The doctor says it happens a lot. They’ll have to do a legrado (curettage) to avoid infection.
  • Nico calls Santiago to tell him about Lola. Mia calls the house to tell Jovita she wants Raquel to come to the hospital. Santi and Raquel go their separate ways.
  • Lisa talks to Antonio. She doesn’t recognize a picture of Blas. She doesn’t know if Vicente knew him. After Caro’s death Vicente was kind of “crazy.” He’d come over and yell at her. He seemed to be getting worse. He knew about Damian and Carolina and he was walking around with a lot of money. Sure, she thought it was suspicious, but he just kept telling her it was none of her business. Lately, Vicente was talking to Caro a lot, complaining that he wanted more money. Lisa’s pretty sure someone paid him off to keep his mouth shut. She doesn’t know for sure, but yes, she thinks Vicente killed Caro.
  • Santi gets to the hospital and comforts Lola, but she wants to talk to Raquel.
  • Laura: Vicente was getting money to keep quiet about the relationship; he knows Blas; Blas and Vicente might have been accomplices in Caro’s murder.
  • Blas and some other guy discuss the need to make sure Vicente doesn’t talk.
  • Nacho tells Santiago about the visit from Saldivar. Santiago won’t give him details, but it’s something to do with him and Damian.
  • Juan, somehow not behind bars, anxiously waits for his mom to get home to find out what happened to Lola. And then the abusive pedophile BLAMES HER for killing his “baby.”
  • Lola thinks Bebo should dump her, but Bebo’s still all in.
  • Antonio’s furious that somehow Laura found out they had Vicente. And she mentioned Garrido, who’s sure to want to shut Vicente up now.
  • Alina shows up at the hospital. And so does Raquel. *siiiiigh*
  • Raquel reminds Lola (I think she’d told her this before) that she lost a baby after she had the twins, so she knows how Lola feels. Lola asks the guys to leave her alone with Raquel. She misses her mom and Raquel’s the closest thing Lola has to a mother. Raquel tells her, like everyone else has today, that what happened wasn’t her fault. She thought she was in love. And like Mia, she took comfort in something to avoid what was going on in her life. She’s sure Lola will be happy, but it’s going to take some time.
  • Rueda shows up at the police station…to defend Vicente. Yeah, Antonio’s confused too. I don’t even listen to Rueda’s reason. It’s all lies anyway.
  • When Raquel leaves Lola’s room, Alina is hugging Santiago.
  • Miriam hovers over Damian. He keeps muttering Carolina’s name. She starts bugging him about whether he knows what happened. Miriam blames Caro for everything. It’s all her fault that he’s here. He destroyed his family for her. And there go the beeping machines. Why is Miriam even allowed in there? The doctor kicks her out as she screams that she wants him to recover.
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