Caer En Tentación Monday 2/12/18 #80

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A year or less before the accident
  • Andres told Raquel that Carolina came on to him and she was after his money. If that’s true, it confirms her suspicions that Carolina is hiding something. And what a creep to do this to Santiago! She thinks Damian should be outraged because Santiago’s his friend.
  • Carolina tells Raquel that no way did she sleep with Andres. That creep tried to rape Lola. Damian knows about it. It’s why Caro didn’t want Lola to work at the company. Telling Raquel that he slept with her was probably his way of trying to make Raquel jealous. Caro tells Raquel to stay out of her life.
  • Damian tells Andres to leave Raquel and Caro alone. If he doesn’t Damian will fire him. Andres points out that for the last hear, he’s been running things. Damian has done nothing and his absence has caused problems. And it’s Andres’ investors who are keeping the company afloat. Damian can look at the financials and see. He admits they’re laundering money and tells Damian to keep his mouth shut or they’re all going to jail.
  • Azucena’s still trying to get Caro on the phone. Caro says this can’t go on, she has to tell Santiago. She’s made her decision. Fede lurks behind Azucena, listening to her end of the call. Once Andres has left Damian’s office, Azucena tells Damian that Caro’s breaking up with him, like for realz. Fede listens from outside the office.
  • At the building site, Santi, Agustín, and Nacho are arguing about plumbing. Caro pulls up in her car and shouts up to Santi. He falls off a ladder, courtesy of a large bucket of dirt Agustín was carrying, and breaks his leg on the sidewalk.
  • Andres tells Rueda to keep Vicente quiet. If he goes down, so does Rueda.
  • Legato’s being audited. Again. And Andres refuses to explain why to Fede.
  • Godoy wants to use Vicente as bait. Having Rueda show up to defend him makes Antonio suspicious. Godoy’s sure it means Andres is behind it. He wants to let Vicente go and have him followed by some plainclothes detectives.
  • Rueda coaches Vicente before Antonio’s interrogation. Vicente says he was at the bar having a drink. He doesn’t know how that guy got Damian’s card. Did Lisa tell him about getting money from Damian? She’s lying. He doesn’t believe Damian’s awake, but Antonio shows him the front page of the paper. Vicente goes off script–Damian can’t talk! Uh, because he’s nearly dead. And when the accident happened Vicente was drinking. At his house. Alone. He didn’t kill his sister, he couldn’t have killed his sister. Antonio says if he’s covering for the real murderer, he’s an accomplice. If Vicente won’t talk, they’ll have to wait for Damian. Antonio warns Vicente that Rueda’s only helping him because he’s invested in Vicente going to prison.
  • Sammy wants to poison Alina with rat poison. Or rather, he wants Mia to poison her. At her office. Alina thinks her visit is about Nico, which I suppose it is. Mia asks for a coffee and waits for Alina to talk privately with her assistant before stirring the rat poison into the rat’s…uh, Alina’s coffee. So, anyway…Alina assures Mia she’s after Santiago, not Nico. Mia knocks her coffee over on her and screams at her about toying with men like Sammy and Nico.
  • The thing with Saldivar is that Damian brought him in when they had problems with the houses. He’s a government official who helped them get permits in exchange for a bribe. Nacho cracks up at this explanation. He was thinking Saldivar was the person Santi hired to…they’re interrupted by a ringing phone.
  • Damian’s still talking about Carolina in his sleep.
  • Andres visits the ICU and tells Damian they’re in trouble and it’s all his fault for having an affair with Carolina. Andres has been cleaning up his mess–Vicente, the company, hiding his affairs. Damian grabs Andres’ hand angrily and Andres at least thinks Damian understands everything.
  • Sammy shows up at Nico’s to tell him Alina’s dead and Mia helped. Which is not only not true, but Alina suspects something and won’t let her assistant take the coffee cup.
  • Raquel and Santiago meet for some “incredible” hotel sex.
  • Rueda notices a guy walking upstairs to the jail infirmary. It’s anyone’s guess whether he knew the guy was headed up there to try to kill Vicente. Vicente fights him off as he tries to inject something into Vicente’s IV line. The noise brings the cops running. As the would-be murderer is getting cuffed he screams that they don’t know who they’re messing with.
  • Sammy shows up at Casa Becker to see Mia. While he’s waiting in the foyer, Raquel and Benja come in and Benja…sooooo cute…repeats Raquel’s “Hola” to Sammy. And then when Sammy says he’s Mia’s friend, Benja repeats “‘migo.” Because Sammy is a big jerk he asks if this is the kid her husband had with the woman he was cheating on Raquel with. Mia takes Sammy up to her room, which Raquel did NOT want her to do. Sammy’s here to accuse Mia of being a traitor. And hey, he admits he’s crazy, but she’s a traitor just like all women. He snaps and tries to kill Mia. Nico shows up and rushes upstairs when he hears Sammy’s in Mia’s room. Nico drags him into the hallway and starts beating him. Sammy walks out in front of a car, scarring some poor driver for life. Raquel wants to know who the hell this Sammy is. Mia and Nico just give her guilty looks.
  • Damian can’t feel his legs. The doctor’s going to run some more tests. Miriam tries to calm him down, like she actually cares.
  • Laura’s new informant works for Godoy and he seems to be hoping to take Godoy’s place. In her life. If you know what I mean.
  • Somehow Raquel, Mia, and Nico missed all the drama out front. Jovita checks things out and comes inside to tell Raquel the boy who was just here threw himself in front of a car and killed himself. Upstairs, Mia explains to Nico that Sammy came after her because she couldn’t kill Alina like he wanted. Raquel watches their faces as she tells them about Sammy.
  • Rueda explains to Andres that Vicente was offered a witness protection deal. Andres wants Vicente murdered. Well, someone already tried and they failed. Andres wonders who else wants him dead. What did he get into? He tells Rueda to find out. Rueda gets the call about Sammy and breaks down sobbing in the lobby.
  • Santi runs into Alina at the police station. He wants to pay her bill, but she talks him into coming over to her place for coffee and a chat about Benjamin. She tells Santiago she wants to be his business partner/investor. Santiago’s not in any mood to talk business and a lot of the things Alina’s talking about are the same things Damian said when he started the partnership. And look how that went. He’d rather talk about Benjamin. Alina wants to use Raquel’s mental health history against her. Santi refuses. Nico calls with the news about Sammy, which he passes on to Alina. She realizes Sammy tried to kill her. That’s why he told Nico she was dead. Mia tried to poison her. She pulls herself together and says they can use this in the custody battle–Mia just proved herself morally unfit.
  • Antonio’s still trying to get Vicente to talk. Vicente’s still refusing.
  • When Santi shows up at Raquel’s, she’s still in shock, telling Santi she didn’t even know this guy was Mia’s friend. Alina arrives and says the police are labeling it an accident, but the driver insists Sammy threw himself in front of the car. And a witness backs up the driver. She just came by to tell them that Sammy and Mia tried to kill her.
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