Caer En Tentación Tuesday 2/13/18 #81

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A year or less before the accident
  • Santiago’s going to need surgery on his leg. Lola brings over the insurance paperwork, but Carolina’s worried that the receipts for payment aren’t in the folder.
  • Nacho and Lola try to get some money, but they can only get 5k in cash. Everything else is invested in the business. Damian and Raquel show up. It’s like they have some kind of radar for the Alvarados needing money. Santi gets the operation and the doctor gives him sedatives so he’ll rest and heal better. With the crisis over, Raquel and Carolina make up. I start to get choked up about it, but then I remember how Caro ends up.
  • Santiago’s back home. Raquel and Caro gang up on him about staying home and resting like he’s supposed to. And they’ve decided to be business partners again.
  • Everyone’s happy to have Carolina back at the catering office.
10 months before the accident
  • Damian and Caro are still seeing each other. Fede watches them get into Damian’s car and tries calling Damian, but Damian ignores the call.
  • Raquel accuses Alina of lying. Alina warns her that Rueda’s going to investigate and he’ll find out. Jovita’s upset and she can’t handle Benjamin right now.
  • Lisa and Vicente’s son (is this the first time we’ve actually seen him?) comes home and two armed men push their way in to grab Lisa. They want her to go to the clinic and tell Vicente that if he talks, they’ll kill her son.
  • Bebo still wants to get married. And he bought a ring. Lola thinks things are still too complicated, what with her mom’s murder investigation and the custody battle over her brother and the miscarriage. Oh, he’s not saying they have to get married now, he just wants to know if she wants to in general. Yep, she does!
  • Raquel’s starting to wonder what she did wrong. Why did Mia turn out like this? She’s still angry that Alina’s trying to blackmail her into giving up Benjamin. Which means she’ll do anything to get Santiago. Santiago’s upset that Raquel thinks Alina will follow through on her threats. Raquel reminds him that she slept with Nico and a guy just killed himself over her. She wants Alina out of their lives. Santiago thinks he can talk Alina down. He’ll get her out of their lives, but not right now.
  • Fede can’t believe Mia nearly killed someone. Mia wants credit for not actually going through with it. That’s not good enough for Fede. He always ends up being her “accomplice” and he’s tired of it. He wants a normal life, for both of them. Mia thinks that ship has sailed. Their dad cheated, they share a sibling with Lola and Nico…and she kept telling them, but no one would listen. Mia’s still blaming the Alvarados for everything.
  • Rueda gets into Alina’s house and tries to strangle her. When he finally lets go, Alina gasps that he knew what was going on with Sammy and never did anything. He’d been having problems since his mom died. Rueda admits Sammy wasn’t well, but Alina made it worse. Alina won’t take responsibility, or at least not all of it. She tries to comfort Rueda.
  • Raquel begs Fede to explain what’s gotten into Mia. He screams that she just wants things to go back to the way they were, as if they had never met the Alvarados. (Uh…good luck with that?)
  • When Lisa shows up, Vicente wants the cop to leave, but they have orders not to leave him alone. Lisa manages to mutter to him that they have their son and if he says anything about Blas Garrido, he’s dead. Vicente gets the message.
  • Raquel asks Fede to help her convince Mia to go to therapy. And they both think Benja should go back to Santiago’s, but she hates to let Alina think it’s because of her threats. Their conversation is interrupted by a phone call from the hospital–the doctor wants to see the entire family.
  • The doctor still isn’t ready to say whether Damian will walk again, but it’s critical that they have someone with Damian at all times. He’s going to get them extended visiting hours.
  • Laura summons her new “source” to ask him to do something to Cintia.
  • Santiago arrives at the clinic. Lisa breaks away from the guy who’s escorting her and whispers to Santiago that she needs help–Garrido’s people have her son.
  • Godoy tells the guy they caught in Vicente’s room that either he talks or he’s getting charged with attempted murder and using Damian’s credit card. He swears he had nothing to do with Carolina’s death, but Godoy says he had Damian’s credit card, which means he was at the crime scene. The dude starts crying, saying he didn’t know where they were going.
  • Lola’s freaking out over a phone call where she only heard someone breathing. She doesn’t think Juan would take the risk of violating his bail. Juan’s mother comes over to warn Lola that Juan didn’t show up to court. He thought Lola had had an abortion and he was upset. Lola tells her it was a miscarriage. Now Juan’s mom is confused, like somehow she thinks Juan didn’t already know that or it would make a difference if he did.
  • Santiago comes over to Raquel’s and finds her sobbing in her room. The doctor said they can’t leave Damian alone, so she can’t leave him now.
  • Lisa and her escort get back to her house and the police arrive soon after. They didn’t get Blas (was he even there?) but they wounded one other guy. And Lisa and the kid we’ve never seen before are OK, so that’s good.
  • Godoy takes a call in front of Garrido’s lackey. He pretends Antonio just told him Blas is dead and before he died, Blas confessed that he and this guy killed Carolina. The guy swears he doesn’t even know who that is. But ok…Blas called him and said he had to tell him something important. A guy was going to come driving down the highway with a lot of cash. So they went and waited and threw a rock at the car, thinking that would make him stop, but instead he went off the road.
  • Cintia helps Santiago sneak out of the house so Mia won’t see him.
  • So Godoy’s got the confession of one of the people who was at the scene, but Blas disappeared. Antonio thinks Vicente has no choice now but to confess.
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