Caer En Tentación Wednesday 2/14/18 #82

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10 months before the accident
  • Damian wants to go back to the cabin, but Caro won’t go until Santiago’s recovered. Plus she doesn’t want to run into Vicente. Damian offers to off Vicente if Caro just says the word. Caro doesn’t even want him to think about it. She wants him to swear he won’t do anything to Vicente.
  • When Damian gets home Fede confronts him about being with Carolina. Damian makes this about Fede following him. Fede’s been suspecting things for a while. Mia was lurking. She bursts into Fede’s room and tries to get him to tell her what he saw. Fede lies and says their dad isn’t cheating and Raquel told him that Damian needed to meet with Caro about something.
  • Damian and Caro meet at the cabin. Damian’s thinking he and Caro can move to the US soon and live together. She’s surprised he even thought of moving away like that. He’s sure eventually the kids will accept it.
  • Nacho’s moving to be closer to Bebo. He and his sister are going to sell their parents’ house to pay for the lawyer.
  • When Damian drops Caro off at her car, Fede’s waiting for him. He sobs that he knew Damian was sleeping with Caro.
  • Raquel checks in with Santi. After Juan’s mom’s visit, he asked Antonio for some police protection, but Antonio opted to have his guys go out looking for Juan. And Santi wants to stay home and keep Lola company.
  • Unlike everyone else in the house, Mia’s actually managing to get decent sleep. Fede tells Raquel they’ve talked and decided to support her in her efforts to get Benja back to Santiago’s family. Raquel’s glad–Miriam’s going to go to court and ask them to give Lola custody.
  • Santi tells Nico and Lola that Antonio has some guys in custody who admitted to throwing a rock at the car and causing the accident. They didn’t mention anything about Carolina, though, and Damian’s fingerprints are on the gun. Santi’s angry that Damian gets to be “happy” with his family while they’re missing Carolina.
  • Godoy and Antonio rehash the meager amount they know about the accident. But with a map and strings. Then they start guessing–maybe the guys went down there, checked Damian’s body, and only managed to get his credit card before they heard the sirens and ran off. Godoy decides they need Blas to get their remaining questions answered (in other words everything but why the car went off the road). Godoy wants to let Tato out and follow him back to Blas.
  • Mia has apparently shared with her therapist the fear that her “dark side” will take over. The therapist is trying to get to the root of why Mia does the things she does, but Mia’s resisting. She thinks once she tipped over the mug of coffee it didn’t matter that she’d put poison in it.
  • Alina meets with Raquel and Miriam in her office. She’s drawn up the paperwork and all Miriam needs to do is sign it. Which she does, and then lurks outside the office as Alina tells Raquel that as far as she’s concerned the thing that happened with Mia is forgotten. Raquel says it isn’t until Alina’s out of their lives.
  • Lola carries an armload of laundry into her room and someone sneaks up behind her and grabs her. It’s Bebo. He scared the crap out of both of us. Lola sends him back to the living room while she folds laundry. In the closet, there’s a note. And it’s not from Bebo. Juan wants her to know that he’s not going away. She took something from him, now he’ll do the same. He wants her so terrified she can’t sleep. He’s going to ruin her life like she ruined his.
  • Vicente’s guard won’t let him use the phone. And he leaves him alone. Santiago shows up and forces his way into Vicente’s room. Vicente insists he can’t talk, but Santiago wants answers. Vicente blames Santiago for killing Caro. He saw Santiago do it. Santiago starts choking him and screams that he didn’t kill her. The guard finally gets back and hustles Santi out of the room.
  • Damian’s improving. He’s breathing and eating on his own. Walking will take longer. Fede tries talking to him. He doesn’t get a reaction until he asks Damian what he’s going to tell “them.”
  • So much for Godoy’s plan. Two guys on a motorcycle shot Tato before he could get back to Blas. Antonio’s furious. They’ll have to say they were transporting a prisoner and someone killed him. Antonio seems to be underestimating Garrido…or Fernando’s overestimating him. Antonio sends Fernando to talk to Damian.
  • Santiago and Raquel check in. Raquel tells him Miriam signed the paperwork. Santi says he visited Vicente, but Vicente always makes him lose his temper.
  • Rueda tells a cranky Andres that the police have nearly solved the case. They’re sure the motive was theft, they know Damian was giving Vicente money, so it’s all perfect for them. Yeah, Miriam wanted to make it look like Santiago did it, but there’s no way to pin it on him. Once they close the case, they’ll stop looking at Andres. As for Raquel and Santiago, he has someone working on keeping them apart–Alina.
  • Godoy shows Damian the pictures of Blas and Tato and tells Damian they’re the ones who threw a rock at his windshield. He wants Damian to identify them…Damian remembers the accident and starts getting agitated. The doctor kicks Fernando out.
  • Antonio still feels like sending a couple of guys out to catch Juan is enough, but ok, he can put some security on Santiago’s house. And by the way, Vicente was blackmailing Damian, but he won’t admit he was at the scene of the accident. They can still arrest him for blackmail. And maybe if Damian recovers, he can tell them what happened. Santiago scoffs at the idea–why would Damian tell the truth?
  • Santiago and Raquel meet for dinner and awkward small talk. Damian’s going to be coming home soon. They caught Vicente. Santiago hands over the check for Damian’s share of the profits from the housing project. And he bought Raquel a necklace.
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